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I'm looking for HTML5 games for GameDistribution


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I have a business model in mind. You can bid if it suits you.

I want you to upload any html5 game for me to GameDisbrution.

I will pay for each approved game.

- You can create new games.
- You can re-skin old games.
- For me, the quality or content of the game does not matter. Enough for me if GameDisbrution approves.
- All inclusive should be included. Picture, Description, etc.

Only, The game should not be a copyright issue in the future.

That way I can get a lot of games. You can quote your price for each game.

Thank you.

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13 hours ago, rachel said:


As an experienced game developer I would like to cater this project.

for further discussion email me: rachel at cisinlabs dot com

PM sent please check

Looking forward.



I replied. Thank you.


2 hours ago, idlagames said:

Please submit your offer according to the terms in topic. Thanks.

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I definitely don't recommend using Gamedistribution . It's a super FRAUD ! Not paying and cheating developers and publishers.

AD IMPRESSIONS  are ZERO REVENUE ???  = YES, only with gamedistribution

It's a biggest scam ever?! See charts...

GAMEDISTRIBUTION = AZERION = FRAUDLENT COMPANY .. I recommend avoiding them. Fraudsters will be always fraudsters! Of course their owner and employees from TURKEY, I almost forgot, so everyone from there are scammers ??

It's madness how this company can exist in 21th century and do frauds, not paying and even lie and hiding under the "BIGGEST" company that is "BIGGEST" scam ever, same




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