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i'm confuse


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Hii everybody, I'm frontend dev with 2 years exp, I'm familiar with react framework, but currently, I curious how to make the game in HTML, i want to learn how to know how to create game with HTML, but I didn't know where to start, should I learn canvas first or what ? idk how to start ?

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Just pitching in, a lot of HTML game frameworks are built upon technology that was introduced with HTML5. For 2D there's the Canvas API and for 3D (and also 2D) there's the WebGL API. For sound there's the Web Audio API and even one to make your game go fullscreen


I definitely say start with Phaser 3 like the others did. It's very intuitive, you'll quickly see results and have fun using it. But the tech underneath it is fairly accessible too! It's totally possible to make games with just the HTML5 APIs, although anything substantive will be lots of work. If you're curious, have a look at those too ?

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