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Full Time Game Developers Positions Available


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About the role
A Game Developer at Roxor/Playsafe plays a crucial part of the creation of our awesome games. You will be working in a team that is responsible for taking the game from a concept stage to a finished game, optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Not only will you write structured, testable quality code but you will also support our graphics and FX artists with implementing and coding art and graphical effects. We work in small agile teams consisting of a game designer, sound designer, producer, QA, artists and of course game developers. We believe that working closely in small team is crucial in creating the best games and it helps us in an agile way to take faster and better decisions. We develop our games in Javascript and TypeScript. They are rendered with the PIXI engine in WebGl and Canvas. To give the players the best experience, we put a lot of effort in optimizing our games for all platforms, both regarding file size and performance. We work in an ambitious, casual and fun atmosphere where we take a lot of pride in the games we create.

Your Tasks
⦁    Participation in the design process for new features in the new games framework
⦁    Implementing new features in the new games framework
⦁    Implementing new games in games framework
⦁    Code Reviews of new features implemented by other developers

Qualifications and Experience
⦁    +2 years of prior experience of software development as employee or contractor
⦁    Experience working with graphically performance-heavy web applications and games
⦁    Working experience with JavaScript, ActionScript, TypeScript, or similar
⦁    Working experience with any JavaScript based game engines, like PIXI, Phaser or similar
⦁    Interest in computer graphics programming, animations and effects
⦁    Good communication skills to explain technical requirements to the game designer and producer
⦁    Experience with client-server integrations
⦁    Understanding of good practice version control, artefact versioning, branching model
⦁    The ability to deliver in an agile, iterative environment where pace is high and all voices matter

We also value
⦁    Experience with hardware-accelerated 3D techniques
⦁    Experience working with TDD and automated testing techniques
⦁    Any other creative skill, from sound design to 3D modeling

Who are you and what do we offer
We are seeking a social, positive, and driven person who can help us create the best video slots on the market. You are a team player with strong initiative and self-motivation thriving in a small team environment where the route from idea to implementation is very short. You should be collaborative, fun to work with and be able to augment our design process with great animation instincts and a firm grasp of the best tools for building cross platform experiences for the modern web.

If your interested in the position please feel free to notify me at [email protected]. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa.

GameDeveloperRole - Job Description.docx

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