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ads for html5 games


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hi there. firstly off sorry about my english. i'm still trying to learn it. hope you guys can understand me.


i have html5 game website. this website is like mine. oyunskor.com

so all games starts with ads on my website. and the ads are not belong to me. the dev added it problaby. (like this https://www.oyunskor.com/oyun/hippo-pizza-chef)

so i wanna buy a html5 game from codecanyon.


like this game.


is there anyway to add my own google ads from there. 

what do i need to do for that?

or do i need to publish the game to google play store and then adding the ad from admob. then view the game on web (if it possible)


i'm very confused now. i need really help.

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You can't use Admob on web.

For in-game ads you can implement the Interactive Media Ads SDK https://developers.google.com/interactive-media-ads

It can be a lot of work to get it working properly! And you also have to find a supplier of ads. Last I heard Adsense For Games only delievers ads to high traffic sites.


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Shortly, as mentioned above, there is IMA SDK for this provided by Google. Basic implementation is simple, there are previews. However, to be able to do that, you must have access to AFG (adsense for games) provided by Google. + display only non-personalized ads or deal with all privacy regulations. There are also terms and conditions for displaying ads you should know - such as what ad you can use on desktop/mobile web and in which frequency.

There is simpler solution - ready to use solutions, usually using ADX for getting ads, via which there is possible to reach higher revenue per displayed ad. Even with a rev share cut made by the operator, you can still earn more than with adsense, moreover, you do not need to develop own ad player. There is a bunch of such providers on the internet.

If you would like to get closer view -> see my article ads for web games. It works same for any engine.

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