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TilingSprite offset distortion over time


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There's a TileSprite implementation in my project that seems to offset and distort on live production kiosks.

  this.tileTexture = PIXI.Texture.from(ConveyorAsset.RED);
  this.tile = new PIXI.TilingSprite(this.tileTexture, 491, 50);

  animate: function() {
    this.tile.tilePosition.x -= 0.51;

    if (this.enabled === true) {
      this.frameId = requestAnimationFrame(this.animate.bind(this));


I've let this animation run for 12-hours at a time on my development computer, and never seen an issue.



However, at production facilities on kiosks running 24-hours a day, eventually there's some offset to the tile data that corrupts the animation.

Any insight as to what might cause this, or how to debug it?

Kiosks are Intel i5-7300, onboard Intel HD Graphics 620

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Any insight as to what might cause this, or how to debug it?

Old known bug, shader precison, not possible to fix, you should do what @bubamara said.

Its both

0. reported and solved with that workaround 100 times

1. not mentioned in documentation and even in pixijs wiki (https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/wiki/v5-Hacks)

2. Workaround is not integrated into pixijs vanilla but I think its possible 

Maybe someone wants that situation to change and makes PR either fixing it either adding workaround to the docs. I wont do that because I'm on huge vacation from pixi.

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