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PIXI.js/Electron example


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Hi -

I've done lots of programming before, but am just getting started with HTML5 game dev. I pushed up my prototype 'Swipe Poker' to itch.io a couple of days back (on https://nerdygentleman.itch.io/swipe-poker - source on https://github.com/lkingsford/swipePokerHtml5).

I want to make a downloadable version now - which by my understanding, means I need to use Electron.

My source currently is structured with a src folder, with ts files, and a build folder with my image, sound and HTML assets. I build it using npm, which uses webpack to create a dist folder with an index.html, a bundle.js, and a folder of assets that I can upload.

Has anybody got any good examples of a project with source available using PIXI.js, possibly webkit, possibly typescript, and electron to be able to have a web/desktop project? I'm happy to spend time digging through other peoples build process, if I knew a good place to start.

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ho , i will probably update this template soon with a  easy 100% auto-build without config.

For now this projet have a big ugly custom bundler setting i want remove.
The new scripts should look more clean and easy like this

  "scripts": {
// auto run after npm i to for localy install nwjs sdk in node_module.
    "postinstall""cd ./node_modules/nw  &&  npm install --nwjs_build_type=sdk",

// start a simple dev webserver with hot reloading
    "start""parcel src/index.html",
// start nwjs sdk from node_module and connect to current webservor with hotreload (listen change from parcel hotreaload)
    "start-nw""nw dist/ --remote-debugging-port=9229",
// build production for web with parcel,babel
    "build""parcel build src/index.html --out-dir build",
// build auto productions for desktop all platforms and architectures + (protect source code nwjc )
    "build-nwjs""nwbuild --platforms win32,win64,osx32,osx64,linux32,linux64 --buildDir ./build dist"

maybe in few day
For electron i dont know, i never use it, but this will probably help you.

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So - eventually I did go with electron, using electron build. You can see the changes I made to do the port on https://github.com/lkingsford/swipePokerHtml5/pull/2/files.

Once I get Cordova or PhoneGap working, I'll spend some time to make a template

My notes:

  • I feel like I'm abusing npm a little, but also not enough. I've got it building on Mac, Windows and Linux, but currently need to use separate computers to do so.
  • Watch for those icon size requirements. 
  • Don't be afraid to dig through the dir to see where Electron-Builder is putting your assets in the asar file.
  • itch.io butler prefers a windows zip to a portable-exe. For now, I'm obliging. The dmg and appimage versions seem to be close enough to a zip for itch to be happy
  • Updating pixi.js can result in scary things happening, that require deleting package.lock.json and node-modules

I struggled a lot with the documentation, particularly for Electron Build. I feel a little like my project hacked together more than well thought out, which always makes me a little nervous.

But hey - it works!

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