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Gamedistribution is dead and buried


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Hello friends, I work with Poki, Crazygames, Gamepix, Gamemonetize, etc. And all these companies generate good income, I tried Gamedistribution and it does not generate a single penny, I tried several games, even one that has millions of players in the world and still nothing. 

i wait 2 more days and unsubscribe there, I advise you to go to Gamemonetize, Crazygames, Gamearter, Poki but don't waste time with Gamedistribution because they only distribute their own games (Spilgames)

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I already requested the cancellation of my games and my account there, I do not want to waste my time, I recommend everyone to do the same, it is the worst company in every way:
They don't answer the messages
They don't pay well
They don't pay on time
They don't distribute the games anywhere
The platform is awkward, difficult, games cannot be removed immediately, etc.

In 8 years working on this, it is the worst experience I have had with a company.

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5 hours ago, igre.games said:

I have problem with gamedistribution ... all games have same message (The game is blocked for this website. If you want to play this game, go to ......) the games were running ok, but only a few days ago they blocked the display

No response on email. 

You should register in their publisher program then submit your website and update your ads.txt .

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