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How hard it is to build an Minecraft game?


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Hello Panda2 users and gamers,

I would like to have your opinions about this kind of project.

I think even to build a game requires lot of skills [programming/mathematics/physics/design]. And I suppose this kind of project is not for a single programmer. My experience is limited to some trivia games and some stories, if we can call these games.

I would like to build something similar to Minecraft engine where the users can build their worlds. I would like to start with minimum functionality like building with different type of blocks (different textures, different sizes) in an unlimited space. I'm not focusing now in the multiplayer functionality I would like to focus only on the creative part of the game, where the user can either build something either explore an existing world (models) in an interactive way. As example I found this public source: http://nurgak.github.io/Cube-engine/, but I would prefer Panda 2 as framework. It is feasible? (in my opinion is yes, but I don't know exactly how to start)

Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance for any kind of feedback.

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I believe Minecraft was made by one individual. Making a game as big as minecraft is about time and effort more than skill. If you spend 5 years making something it will be playable. you won't be making minecraft over night in HTML5. The easiest way is with Unity or Unreal since the engine is practically there.

Also remember for 1 success of minecraft, probably 10,000 other indie games failed to make profit around that time and that number is growing every year.

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Thank you for all your valuable inputs.

This will target to a very specific audience(reduced number of users) and I don't have any expectations regarding profit. Initially, I had in my mind some sort of minecraft viewer, which seems to be at this moment impossible.

I would like to stick on panda2, so probably I'll try something using code from like Cubes 3D, Airplane 3D, Three.js & Cannon.js...

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