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BitmapFonts - Suplementary Characters

Saeki Amae

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Hello, when i try to use PIXI.bitmapFont.from() with Unicode Suplementary characters (those > U+10000 - those requiring 4 bytes instead of two)

those characters are displayed as missing. How to fix that ? Thank you for help!

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In PIXI.bitmapFont() arguments I provide which char sets I want to use. When I used this font in casual PIXI.Text there was no problem. No character from extended ones displays corrently - i use Ubuntu font as example. It seems it treats them like separate characters - so instead of one character it writes two (probably unicode surrogates).

Each of characters looks same - inverted square with question mark inside (not empty square that often means missing char in font)

Someone in the forum told me that this function is available only in the very last version of pixi 5 -

maybe this function only supports 16-bit characters?

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Ahoy, I have the same issue. Just upgraded to v6.0.0 to try the new BitmapFont. Emojis works fine with PIXI.Text though.

I'll have to stick with PIXI.Text until BitmapFont supports "more" emojis. I did notice quite a difference in performance but I need those sweet emojis.

PIXI.BitmapFont.from("TitleFont"style, {
    chars: [
        ' .!?♥??',
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