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GameDistribution a.k.a. Azerion foul play against GameMonetize?


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If anyone logged in to GameMonetize in the past 2 days, you probably saw the notice they've put up.

I personally don't know what to think. I don't know if I can trust GameMonetize, and I sure as hell know I can't trust GameDistribution. Is this really what is left of this market?

What do you think?

Anyway here is the full version:

Please read this sad news carefully.
Update 11.11. 2021: We're currently working to restore in-game ads, but unfortunately it's taking a little longer than we expected. We'll update current situation gradually.
Since 2019, when we began our adventure to become one of the largest game distribution platforms for publishers and developers, we have to offer a unique, great platform for distributing HTML5 games.
For today was registered over than 3100+ developers, 4200+ publishers and website owners with 16,000+ published games. Unfortunately, for our entire team, we have to announce that we must temporarily pause of the monetization of HTML5 games from today 05.11. 2021 and find a solution. Company called GameDistribution - Azerion Holding B.V (previously Orange Games) registered in the Netherland (https://azerion.com) this week deliberately, illegally and unreasonably reported our domain(s) and all monetization accounts with API to company Google through their corrupt former employees working currently under Azerion. From the first day of launching our platform GameMonetize.com, these people have tried to slander and harm us with false informations. Their step unfortunately paused all of our premium monetization accounts and damaged our business and of course all of our members, developers and publishers. We are currently filing a lawsuit against a company Azerion, for the illegal use of our brands, copyrights of our games and damage of our reputation. We will initiate this lawsuit to protect all of our trademarks, copyrights and of course rights all of registered members on GameMonetize.com.
We have defend against this dark and evil turkey company called Azerion Holding B.V. for a long time, but these people will destroy each company and competitor in their path for money laundering. They have tried to influence newly hired former employees from Google (Alphabet Inc., from Irish branch) and then, as they had the opportunity, they were able unjustifiably, without the evidence or legal documents was able to report and pause all of our premium monetization accounts & APIs.
These members from Azerion Holding B.V. are very aggressive and use violent methods against any competition in the gaming industry to destroy them and gain an unrivaled monopoly in the market (Gamedistribution, Spil Games, Improve Digital, Hasbro, HeaderLift and other acquired company by their borrowed money from investors and bonds). Every company they bought was left by 50% of employees due to terrible legal preconditions, working environment and focusing only on their profits with money laundering and not for continuation of development great games for players to maintain a good gaming ecosystem (eg. Hasbro, Spil Games and others).
From the beginning they reported multiple times our domain and also used each month a sophisticated DDoS attacks with header spoofing attacks against our servers to disrupt GameMonetize.com and lay it on the ground. As you can see, this previosuly happened with the great forum html5gamedevs.com, due to Azerion illegal activity, which performs hacking attacks from their another "base" office in the Turkey. This is caused only due to their aggression and hatring towards our platform GameMonetize.com from the beginning. Why did they do it? Because this forum revealed the truth about their shady business and their dirty past what they did to all developers and publishers on their platforms. But times are going and now they are trying to play fair under their lies and shady past. There was freedom of speech that was silenced.
We want to name the following criminals who did this: GameDistribution, Azerion Holding B.V., Azerion IP B.V.
** REMOVED: Personal names of a couple of some Azerion Employees ** 
Unfortunately, we need to tell you that all of our monetization on our platform were paused by today, because it's unable to offer any earnings since all premium advertising accounts & monetization tools with APIs, domains have been paused thanks to Azerion and their false statements under forged documents provided by their lawyers to Google (Alphabet Inc.).
These persons from Azerion Holding B.V. aka Gamedistribution used fraud technique to demage and destroy all of yours and our work for false statement ragarding two published games from unnamed developers which published these games on our platform. Even these developers provided them copyrights of the games. Which wasn't enough for them, and so also reported a lot of other games from several developers on our platform without any substantiated justifications. This gave them a chance to harm us and Azerion Holding B.V. thanks to their former employees from Google and their dishonest investors tried to shutdown our platform, based on these false statements.
Unfortunately, our member from staff in the Google Ireland is also unable to help us in that situation, since Azerion has corrupted former employees through their company Improve Digital and HeaderLift. We understand that you may be upset or disappointed, but we cannot influence this situation when all monetization is based only on advertising without IAP.
Just a few last words..
Of course, as a developer or publisher you can go to our competitor, but remember these people are criminals and will be sued for their crimes which we overlooked almost for 2 years.
We will incur all the expenses on this to protect our rights, trademarks and of course yours earnigns with copyrights published games on GameMonetize.com.
Questions you may be interested in:
1. Will the games still be available?
Yes, all games will be still available as ussually without any interruption. Same for the payments.
2. Will I still earn?
Unfortunately, from today temporarily no. Since all of our premium monetization accounts have been paused and are currently under review due to a false statements from the fraudulent company Azerion Holding B.V. which caused this. We hope to resolve in-game ads soon.
3. Is it possible that it advertising will work as previously in the future?
Yes, it is possible. We need to resolve this situation physicallly directly in the Google and an legal action against Azerion Holding B.V., Gamedistribution, HeaderLift, Hasbro, Improve Digital and all of their subsidiaries.
4. What will you do against these persons from Azerion?
We will initiate legal action to protect of all yours and our rights. As you can see, they did it on purpose on Friday 05.11. 2021, to be cut off from any emails from partners or our contacts in the Google.
5. Will be closed platform GameMonetize.com?
It won't, but unfortunately currently we can't offer the earnings from the games due to paused monetization tools and thus APIs.
6. Can I help you?
Maybe so, you can contact us by email: [email protected]
7. Can I upload still my games?
Yes, you can still publish your awesome games, but as was stated we are unable to resume in-game ads now due to illegal behaviour by Azerion Holding B.V.
8. Will be in-game ads resumed?
Yes, the in-game ads will be resumed. Unfortunately, this takes a while as our legal team has to resolve the contracts.
9. Will be proccessed my payments?
Yes, all payments will be processed as usual this month. We also hope that in-game ads should be live this week.
We have always believed in the freedom of developers, gaming studios and publishers as well. It is our mission to don't give up and believe in better times. Even if we had to pay everything for litigation and go bankrupt.
Our heart is broken,
Yours GameMonetize.com Team
GMO Holding Ltd.
With love and respectfully. ?
Never give up and believe.
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Censored personal data
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I've found GameMonetize to be trustworthy in my prior dealings with them.  They've reported accurately, paid on time, and been responsive to input - I would deal with them again and wish them a speedy rebound.

Independent of trust, the dominance of Azerion / GameDistribution is worth a careful thought.  From a "commercial perspective" I struggle to see how Azerion's pursuit of controlling the niche of HTML5 in-game-ads yields value to anyone, including their own shareholders?  Consider that Google already has effective monopoly here, they won't need to re-acquire it, more likely to milk it instead?  Ultimately anti-competitive tactics lack imagination and reduce potential for innovation and opportunity (i.e. develop something new and huge that is not reliant on existing giants etc).

More importantly - good luck to all those adversely impacted.





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Hello, there were many complaints about GameDistribution for the last few year, and about one year ago I have removed my games from their website because of delayed payments.

Now, I build new web games, mostly educational quizzes/games, I am looking for a way to monetize those, and I would like to hear some suggestions. Can anyone recommend a website or ad network?

I heard of many of them, but I did not use in-game ads for a long time.

Best regards

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It looks like they resolved the issue, ad revenue started counting today. 

Still a very weird situation, and I don't know how to feel and who to trust.

Is it this bad only in HTML5 game market?  I've never tried mobile market or desktop market, so I don't really know how it is there.

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