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[Closed] Looking for a developer to convert multiple games from flash to html5


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Hey people,


I'm here representing Gembly Games B.V. and we are looking for someone who would like to port our flash games to HTML5.


Gembly Games is a young and fast learning company. We love to make goofy, loveable and surprising games that bring people together. Our team consists of 7 dedicated people who enjoy games and game development.


We maintain 2 portals of which gembly.com has our main focus. All but one game on our portal http://gembly.com are made by us. The gameplay of these games is all verified by a node.js server.


Previously we converted our games from flash to createjs, but our interests in PIXI/Phaser increased as we saw these libraries mature. Due to a shortage on time and developers we are looking for a skilled HTML5 coder who is willing to convert our flash games to html5 using either just PIXI or Phaser. These games also have to connect to the node.js backend. 


We will supply a base of our node.js server which the games can connect to and verify the logic. Me (coder) and my colleague (game developer) will be available for assistance.


Consistency is very important from a technical perspective, reusing a base for multiple games would be of interest for us, a framework in which we can extend new games would be a nice to have since most of our games are dice and/or card games.


Mobile is the target platform for our games, I know this is very broad and even though our current focus is mostly on tablets we also like to have our games run stable (20+ fps) on up-to-date mobile devices.



At least 1 year of HTML5 game development

Knowledge of either PIXI.js or Phaser.js (provide examples)

Knowledge of Howler.js for WebAudio


Nice to have:

Past Flash/Actionscript game development


If you are interested in helping us out with our mobile endeavour you can contact me at "ale at gembly dot com" or PM me. We will pay per game conversion


Update 2014-03-26: Closed for new entries: all people who have responded to me will get an update asap

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