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Overlapping Scenes


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Is there any way to overlap scenes?  For example, if I have two scenes:


SceneGame - background, player, world

SceneGameOver -scoreboard


and want to see SceneGameOver on top of SceneGame so that the scoreboard shows over the top of the game.


Looking at the examples PandaJS provides on their website, everything is kept in SceneGame.  This, in my opinion, creates too much clutter.  It would be much nicer to have separate scenes that can either replace each other on screen, or overlap.


Does a solution for this already exist?

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You can only run one scene at a time. You can switch between scenes with:


I would suggest you to wrap scoreboard into class, then your scene class can be nice and clean, like:

Scoreboard = game.Class.extend({    init: function() {        // Init your scoreboard    }});SceneGame = game.Scene.extend({    init: function() {        this.scoreboard = new Scoreboard();    }});
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And you can make layers with game.Container

this.mainLayer = new game.Container();this.stage.addChild(this.mainLayer);this.scoreLayer = new game.Container();this.stage.addChild(this.scoreLayer);var sprite = new game.Sprite('mySprite');this.scoreLayer.addChild(sprite);
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