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This is a gravity mechanic take on flappy bird using the tutorials from LessMilk. I don't have a blog post up about it yet, but it'll happen. This is in Phaser 1.6 with images created by myself in GIMP. It isn't anything fancy, I just wanted to see what a gravity mechanic would be like in that sort of game.


The game can be found at:




You can actually circumvent a column by going above or below the whole thing.

While you hold the space bar the gravity affect is doubled.


Good luck if you play it!

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It's insanely hard. I got 5. I would be curious to know the game developers high score?

You may have it. My high score is currently 19 and I really wanted to break 20 that time but it didn't happen. :(  I know of another person who also has reached 19 but he had the benefit of playing it a number of times while I was developing it.


That is the hardest game ever! :) Pretty fun, though :)


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