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Imaginary Beetle in search of programmer for a simple 2D project

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Hello to all, my name is Denis Castellanos and I currently run a small, yet effective indie GameDev team out of the sunny state of Florida.I am here in order to expand my team, on a per project basis, when necessary. This post will touch base on an in-house 2D project that is in search of a Html5/javascript programmer that is willing to bring this project to lifet. If you are interested please feel to contact me (email provided below) and I would like to note that any/all portfolios are welcomed.




Vertical 2D causal game

Game Design doc will be provided as well


**More information will be provided upon the signing of the NDA


Talent Needed: Programming


An ideal candidate should posses the following qualifications:


  1. An extensive background of Html5 and JavaScript

  2. Experience with phoneGap and or programming for mobile devices

  3. Understand and know how to implement in-game advertisement that does not intrude on the flow of the game

  4. Know how to implement vertical parallax scrolling 

  5. Time: This project is made to be an easy launch, yet turnaround time is important for the flow of project.

  6. Effective communication: Honesty is the best policy 

  7. Experience with working with sprite sheets 

  8. Drive, Determination and prideful of their work

*Resume/Portfolio is a must, live demos would be greatly appreciated


Estimated project length: 10 hours (Depending on skill level) This project is designed to simple and easily completed within 2-3 days at the most. 


*Please be willing to immediately if possible


Art style: 2D


Target Platform:  Mobile (Both android and iOs) This will be completed via the use of phoneGap 


Target Language: Html5, JavaScript, Css


Compensation: $100.00 USD upon the completion of the project. Compensation will be awarded Paypal.


If you any questions, concerns and or interest in this project please contact me via email at:


[email protected]


Best regards,

Denis Castellanos 

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The project is estimated to be 3-4 hours work in total. Yet, as talent sets differ there needed to be room for a buffer. Noting 2-3 days is just a mater if the project was going to be spread across that span. Yet, it can completed in one day very easily.  Doing so the number of hours actually needed differs from individual to individual. As a result, I am not in search of 10 hours of coding just a completed project. 


Compensation is negotiable and would encourage the use of private messaging and or email to discuss any possible alternative quotes for the project. Thank you for your time.


Best regards,

Denis Castellanos 

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