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Monetizing HTML5 games


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Hi, I've been looking into my options for monetizing an html5 game and I'm not quite sure where o start.


At first I thought I'd just use AdSense for games, but I've sadly discovered that's just for flash games. So, should I just place standard web ads on the sides and call it a night? Or is there something more I can do?


I'm aware of this book's existence, but I'm unable to perform a purchase ATM..



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There are already a lot of resources available which deals with the topic. Try http://www.photonstorm.com/archives/3045/insert-coin-to-continue-the-html5-game-sponsorship-market as a first read.

Hey! I remember watching a video on vimeo that had most of that information from ongamestart! One of the best talks I could find from that conference.


Hi, you can also have a look at my talk at Casual Connect Europe earlier this year:

Best, Alexander

Good pointers here too, thanks!

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Very cool talk, thanks Alexander. Just a quick question, who are these Carriers you are talking about? I guess i'm not familiar with that term. Maybe a couple examples might help me.


I think (think) he means mobile phone companies? I can't really say because over here (Argentina) I don't know of such portals or services as those described..

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Sorry for late response. I'm not receiving any notifications about new posts :)


Exactly, I was talking about mobile carriers / operators like Vodafone, TMobile etc. I just had an other talk on Casual Connect Asia. Will upload it on Slideshare and post it here too. Biggest issue what I see currently (when talking to our Affiliates) is the quality of the content. Most people wanne use HTML5 games to monetize their iOS users. So they expect very high quality games which are comparable to native iOS. I think the community should work on this in order to help us (the publishers) to make HTML5 more succesful.

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