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[Phaser] Meteor Madness

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So I put my Bi-weekly html5 game project on hold to join the Clay.io "Got Game?" competition. The result is Meteor Madness.


Link: http://meteormadness.clay.io/




screenshot_menu-225x300.jpg screenshot_game-225x300.jpg


It's in essence a port from the gameplay of my first html5 game, however I wanted to experience how my workflow and pipeline might change when having mobile in mind. I still have a lot of optimization, recycling etc to learn. Feeling much more at ease with Phaser :)


Play it on desktop (left/right arrow keys) or mobile (tap left/right sides to move)




Ratings and feedback greatly appreciated :)

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Shame it's for a jam and probably won't see updates.


I was thinking maybe making a second version: Meteor Madness II. So no updates for this version, but making a v2 with new and awesome stuff (don't know what just yet, but I will use Rich's and your feedback as a starting point)


Thank you all for playing :)

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Great artwork, and the control feels very good, my first try was nearly 100 points.

But it didn't work on IE (tested version 10 and 11),

you have an idea why?


edit: seems that its a canvas problem, should be working when you use the latest phaser version 2.0.3

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@turnA thank you! And glad to hear the gameplay was easier to grasp this time :P WIll have sound all my next games, I see it's a very important feature now


@Rocco thanks! Wow that's very impressive! I've only gotten to 63 :P Thanks for pointing that bug. I didn't playtest on IE, Firefox or Opera. I should definitely do this for upcoming games. I did this in 2.0.2 switching to 2.0.3 shouldn't be a problem, thanks for the suggestion

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