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I'm having a VERY difficult learning curve with Panda.js


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Hey Enpu,



I write here just to say that this is one of the few times in my life in which there's something that I like A LOT, but there's still very few material about it.
Don't misunderstand me, I'm not flaming nor trying to bring you down nor whatever.


Just saying that I'm liking Panda.js a LOT. But the demos aren't enough material to make game of different disciplines.

There's no material on Internet about Panda.js other than the official site, which gives specific examples, and the API reference.


I mean, I want to make a platformer. Kind of a Megaman. But I don't know how to use spritesheet animations, collisions, enemies, etc.

I come from GameMaker which has all that already chewed. GameMaker gives you editor for sprites and whatever, gives you GML for scripting which is not SO bad as a language but I wanted even more control over my game. Over code, to be precise, GML has weaknesses, it's not really OOP, data manipulation is not so flexible, etc. Then Javascript is an awesome choice.


Your framework looks so versatile, full of features, prollific, etc. but I'm having HARD times trying to do things! Very few things are, let's say "deductible" from your code (which is, thanks God, very read-friendly) but many other ones I just can't guess :S

I swear to God that I'd never write this kind of message before googling at least half Internet, so you can give an idea...


It would be nice to have tutorials on how to make a platformer, a shooter, a maze, puzzle, networked multiplayer games, etc. I know it's gonna mean a ton of work from you but well, I can't see other way to learn than tutorials from the very creator of this software.





Greetings again,




P.S.: I say again, this message is not to be taken as a complain. I just want this engine to trascend, otherwise I wouldn't bother in writing such a letter :P

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Hi Leo,


Thanks for your message!


I'm aware that there should be a lot more tutorials on Panda, but please remember that the whole engine is

still pretty new (about 2 months old) and i'm developing it alone.


I will be making more tutorials/examples as much as i can, and i'm also very glad to see, that

there have been some user created tutorials released (like Emanuele Feronato), hope there will be more coming!

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Hi Leo,


I used game maker for a long time too so i kind of understand how you feel ^^

Everything were made so you have an easy time making a game.


But i'm pretty sure it's not that hard to make an interface for panda that would like GM.


Because the structure is not that different, there are assets which represents the sprites/sounds/Fonts you made in GM.

The scene which are the room i guess ? 


The objects represents, well, the objects ^^ With the capacity to make childs (like the checkbox you had to check).


Just look at it with a different eye and i'm sure you will understand easier

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