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Any way to export to Android?


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As far as CocoonJS is concerned, it seems like it should not be hard to find out, though I have not tried yet.  Just get their launcher from the appropriate store.  It is kind of like the sandbox here (that much I have done).  You can launch samples like they have on browser pages.  If you get a free account, you can put in the url of your own stuff, and see what happens.

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Tried this tutorial zip file.




removed handjs since that rely on DOM or else it will display error in the CocoonJS console.


zip and run in CocoonJS launcher. All I got is just greyish screen. There is no sphere or anything. Anybody can confirm that Babylonjs can work with CocoonJS ?


Any help please.



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I understand about the CocoonJS console error log thing :) . Like I said before, there is no error in error log, everything is loading just fine(need to remove handjs since it has reference to DOM). But somehow the screen is just greyish and didnt draw the sphere which is odd. When played on desktop browser it is ok.

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I have only looked at the canned examples with the launcher, but thought you could just specify a url, not have to make a zip.


My suggestion would be for someone with a cocoonJS account already to post on the cocoonJS forum with as simple a BabylonJS example as possible.  Please report back the thread here, anything here as the # of people following this thread is increasing.  I do not know where this forum is, but I did navigate to some kind list of questions posted & responses.

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Another possibility would be to try the IOS version of the launcher with a Babylon hello world example.  It is the Android AND iOS (+Amazon store) combination which makes this so worth looking into.  One needs devices, of course.  I only have a GalaxyS III.  With Apple close to a new iPad, I have been holding my fire for either it or price reductions in reaction.

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Thanks @JCPalmer for your reply.


But I've tested some examples using ThreeJS and it does work on CocoonJS. Below is the link for threejs and babylonjs. Css style wont work on CocoonJS.

The babylonjs is from this tutorial https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/wiki/01---Basic-scene





Copy to your device storage and test with CocoonJS launcher. Sadly it just wont display anything when tested using Babylonjs.


JCPalmer, did you test babylonjs with Cocoonjs ? Does it work ?


I'm also using Galaxy S3 :)

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Anyway for those interested to export to IOS and Android for BabylonJS


Here are some alternatives:



(using Intel XDK android Crosswalk) -basically chrome wrapper. But it is for Android 4.0+ only.



Phonegap (i guess need to wait for IOS8 for webgl acceleration for webview) Iphone4S and above only.


Any feedback , suggestions would be really great.

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After a little thought, perhaps there is no error logged, because "there is no error".  The color actually matches the background.  If it is a scaling issue, then we might just not be seeing as much as we think we should.  I found:




Maybe adding meta data to the html will allow us to see the "whole picture".  Changing colors might also be helpful, as if we see red as a background, we can be positive of what we are looking at.


BTW, I just got a dropbox account.  Is this public folder capability only for older accounts?

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Thanks for the info.



Thank you for attention on this.


For the dropbox I think newer account need to enable the "Public folder"



One thing i want to highlight is CocoonJS has a highperformance canvas or something in their platform to accelerate the speed more.

it is called screencanvas. Maybe this could boost performance more if implemented ?


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