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Unity WebGL demos


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Last 2.5 years. Please, give links on optimized Unity WebGL 2D/3D demos and games. I found only one demo of this game: Angry Bots WebGL Demo - Unity But it is old link from first post of this theme.

I want to know what is better for learning 2D/3D game development for WebGL(mobile browsers too): Unity or (Phaser and Babylon). But there is no many demos of games in Unity WebGL.

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unreal engine 4 (UE4) is free, and it allows you desktop, mobile, html5.

The learning curve is longer, and there are plenty of courses on udemy.com

To make 2D games in UE4 you may profit the use of Paper2D preset.

Pros of Unreal Engine:

- used to make Mass Effect, Bioshock, and many, many big titles

- the quality is really superior than Unity

- it has the Unreal Editor which allows you to visual design your game

- is fast as hell

- is free, but if you make more than 3000 USD per quarter, you need to pay them 5% on your sales over 3000.


- it uses blueprints or c++, not javascript

- the learning curve is huge.



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