[Plugin] Juicy: Simple Effects Plugin based on the "Juice it or Lose It" presentation

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If you're not familiar with the presentation, it's vital that you go watch it: 


Now that you've done that, this plugin currently allows you to easily implement the following effects:

  • Camera Shake
  • Screen Flash
  • Object Trails
  • Over Scaling
  • Mouse Stretch
  • Jelly Effect






I've made a pull request and I hope rich will merge it into the official repo.



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I took that screenshot while playing your demo on heroku. In my own game, if I force canvas mode it works, but I see the outlines of the individual triangles that make up the trail  :wacko:

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There are some issues though.


In many of the functions you accept arguments, but then you ignore them.

    Phaser.Plugin.Juicy.ScreenFlash = function(game, color) {
        color = color || 'white';
        var bmd = game.add.bitmapData(game.width, game.height);
        bmd.ctx.fillStyle = 'white';
Easy peasy to fix though, but it might be nice to get it fixed before a merge of the pull request.

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Can you please post an example?




Well, pretty simple code, I just created this two variables Phaser.Plugin.Juicy(this));this.screenFlash=this.juicy.createScreenFlash();this.add.existing(this.screenFlash);

and then I used them with this code




I didn´t try anything else but these two things are working even on mobile :)

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