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Progress Bar class


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Here's a progressbar I created for my projects: https://github.com/terebentina/VisualTimer




Feel free to use it if you need one, I released it under MIT.

Not much but I thought to give back to the community  ;)



Great work!  There is one questions I have though. I would I go about it if I wanted a more smoothly animated progress bar as opposed to the current tick animation ? Thanks in advance for your time. This might also help other who might be wondering the same.

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I followed your instructions to but i get error VisualTimer undefined when i did the below.  I included the VisualTimer.js in the index.html (lib/VisualTimer.js) and in the preload.js file i did this.game.load.script('VisualTimer', 'lib/VisualTimer.js');


var indicator = new VisualTimer({
                    game: this.game,
                    x: 123,
                    y: 456,
                    seconds: 60,
                    onComplete: function() {}



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