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You just need to add the individual png images from your dragonbones content to a normal texture atlas. Then import the dragon bones json skeleton data and pass it to the relevant dragonbones factory class.  You'll need a modified display factory that handles pixi/phaser display objects. This is pretty straightforward to do, I've made one for Cocos2D and for my own framework which has the same kind of display objects as pixi.

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I'm looking for a tool (may be online) for setting up my scene (just drop a bunch of images) and animate basic properties, like opacity, position, rotation.. and then export that to a text/xml/json file. 


Any ideas? I'm downloading that Synfig Studio, don't know it's exporting options yet.. but it must be an online tool already... 


(Update: Synfig studio crashes in my system :P)

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