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CocoonJS - Some Explanation, Please


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Has anybody used CocoonJS? To what extent? How many platforms/devices and vendors were you able to deploy to? Was there a catch using CocoonJS? It sounds very good, but I am not seeing a price. Is there a required splash screen, can I have my own? I would really appreciate some feedback and your experiences with this devs. 


Thanks in advance

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I have used CocoonJS to package games for the Android platform. You can find it here - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=spaceshiphighway.nam . 

I plan to deploy to other platforms too once I get registered on the respective stores. 


Ludei has two modes for CocoonJS users - Free and Premium. Both of them are free at the moment but you have to apply for Premium membership. The free version has a mandatory splash screen (which you can see in my game too) and a limit on the upload size (50 Mb) among other things. Premium membership removes these (200Mb upload limit still) and gives you added extensions to use like Ads, using the Accelerator and Camera and .added native functions. 


The devs are generally friendly and respond quickly. Right now, the latest version has issues with Phaser when WebGL is enabled but disabling it is not an option when building the production version of an app. 


You can find a good discussion about this here - http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/3980-common-phaser-cocoonjs-issues/

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Both of them are free at the moment but you have to apply for Premium membership.


hmm... that part just worries me. When ludei goes $ what does that mean for my games already on the stores? Any rumors on what the pricing will be (one time - fingers crossed, monthly, yearly)?


@nambiar - get your game on the app store, I have an iphone and want to try your game out :)

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Hello gregmax17, I'm using CocoonJS quite a lot here's some things:


To have a premium account you just have to fill a form saying some things about yourself (I had no games and just wanted a fresh start, they approved me). So create an account and find the form.

Premium and normal is free, even commercially.

There's no fees/payment, taking a % of earnings. 


It all may change but I'm just telling you how it is right now.

You can get a package to Amazon Appstore, Google Play, Tizen, Ouya, Apple Appstore, and I think that's all.


CooconJS enhances your HTML5 game mainly because it allows your app to use hardware acceleration.


Also, the splash screens are built it. Even for premium (I have premium acc and I still see Ludei splash screen). However, you can set up your own splash too.


And that's all, you just have to create account, upload some assets (game icon etc), check for what store you want your app to be compiled, submit everything and wait for an email with download link. You only need premium for other things which you wont need if you are starting with game dev. But if you want to have ads in your game, then you need it.


Tell me if you need some more/detailed info and I'll try to answer your questions ASAP : )

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