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How To: Animate and Light Weapons


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Hey guys!


I've been working on animations for our upcoming game, Dragonfly Zero, and wanted to share the process including the technical facets I used to create the weapon firing animations.


The write-up ended up being fairly long, but I added in pictures and humor where I could to make it more accessible. This post should be useful for artists and non-artists alike!


You can either click the banner at the top, or click this URL: How To: Animate and Light Weapons



Let me know what you guys think!



A few of the animations:


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That looks great and I really appreciate you taking the time to write it up instead of doing a youtube clip.

One thing though, tomorrow I want to do this (as I aint done PS in ages) and Id really like the original asset you used so I don't have to recreate it.  Its always good if we can follow the tut using the same stuff as in the tut so we can compare if were doing it right.  Sorry if its in there somewhere (Ill admit I haven't read it in its entirety yet) and I just didn't notice it.

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Good point!


I just edited the post to add in the download for the original file. There may be a couple of extra details in the file that aren't mentioned in the tutorial, but all the major features are.


Let me know how it went after you've gone through it! Any feedback will help with making future tutorials more concise.

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I cant draw or anything so not the best to review your work but I found that to be very informative and very concise.

Anyone new to doing this kinda thing would find this very helpful, well done.


Thanks for adding the assets.

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