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Found 9 results

  1. Play it now : https://cutedressup.com/princess-makeover-fashion-blog/ Face decor with photo shoot can never get more fascinating than this ! Princesses meet together for a fashion blog photo shoot. Princess enjoy a nice variety of butterfly, animal and superhero face art . The fun does not end there, watch the princesses dress up elegantly with their favourite face art. Is there something more exciting ? Of course, the princesses can now see their face decor in their social blogs and share to their friends. I cannot wait to see the cute dress up and face decor images you are going to build with this game. Don’t forget to put your work in comments and let the world know that you are a rockstar ! #princess #fashion #cutedressup #dressup #blog #makeover
  2. Edit 10: New "blog"-post: New post 27.2.2017 Edit 9: New "blog"-post: New post 25.2.2017 Edit 8: New "blog"-post: New post 21.2.2017 Edit 7: Gameplay Video: Video Edit 6: New "blog"-post: New post 8.2.2017 Edit 5: New "blog"-post: New post 1.2.2017 Edit 4: New "blog"-post: New post 21.1.2017 Edit 3: New "blog"-post: New post 14.1.2017 Edit 2: New "blog"-post: New post 6.1.2017 Edit 1: New "blog"-post: New post -- Hi BabylonJS-Community, Last friday I joined the Babylon.js 2.5 challenge. I decided to post my progress here. Maybe this will motivate others to join the challenge and I hope it will keep me motivated to finish the project I came up with. Also there might be some tips or things I find out that might help others. Here is my vision: A cooperative multiplayer action roleplaying game that is real time and is designed for a play session of about 15 minutes. It should offer content to a single player as well as a challenge that is only beatable by three or more players. This way you can just open up the game and try it out, if you like it you can coordinate with friends or people from the html5gamedevs board to beat the multiplayer part. Since I am going to make everything from scratch things will be created as simple as possible. This means: flat shaded low poly blender models. Here is what I have so far: The blue girl is the heroine the players control. The yellow slime is the first enemy, controlled by the server. The slimes idle around, if a player comes too close they begin to follow and attack the player once they are in range. Upon loosing all health the player dies. The green & red highlight at the end is the mouse over effect that is going to be used to indicate targets and if they are friendly or not. Some info on the tech: node.js server (using "ws" for websockets) that controls all gameobjects babylon 2.5 client using the browser webSocket object for communication Communication is done via sending JSON objects over the websocket. Since I struggled a bit putting text on billboards, here is a small playground showing my solution: Nameplate Playground I also ran into a small hickup with the highlight layer, using the it together with cloned meshes: Cloning a mesh does not generate a new unique id. If you add one cloned mesh to the highlight array all clones will be highlighted. The solution I found: Set unique Ids (mesh.id = …) for all cloned meshes. That's it for now. Hopefully I will have more to show next week.
  3. Its down for almost a month or something like that. No updates, no news, nothing :/
  4. Hi Everybody, I recently started a dev blog about a new game I am working on, I will be posting to it at least once a week. First playable alpha is available on the blog, enjoy! Check it out: Avishaymizrav.com
  5. Hello Looking for publishers of blogs,sites and forums for our upcoming project. Visit the link below to take part in the survey and once you get approved by our team, You could be paid for working with us. http://goo.gl/lzRCQF And please, share this post with others. Thank you!!!
  6. Hey Guys! I wanted to share with you my first income report per last year! Please check it out at the link below! http://diamondgames.org/big-annual-html5-income-report-aug-2013-aug-2014/ I hope somebody will be inspired by this post as I was a year ago, after I saw TV's blog) Sorry for my bad Engrish :\ Cheers, Dmitry
  7. Hey guys! I've been working on animations for our upcoming game, Dragonfly Zero, and wanted to share the process including the technical facets I used to create the weapon firing animations. The write-up ended up being fairly long, but I added in pictures and humor where I could to make it more accessible. This post should be useful for artists and non-artists alike! You can either click the banner at the top, or click this URL: How To: Animate and Light Weapons Let me know what you guys think! A few of the animations:
  8. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I'll try to keep it short and to the point. I've finally decided to start a technical blog, which will mainly be used for game development tutorials using different languages, libraries and techniques. While it is, no doubt, a humble start, some feedback on the first post of mine (as well as guidance on whether I'm on the "right track") are more than appreciated. And obviously, if you find the future of it interesting - feel free to subscribe! Without further ado, the link: Click me!
  9. Hello everybody, This is just a quick post to let those who might be interested know that I recently finished a blog entry about making beautiful games with simple math. No art experience is needed to understand or use what I write about. I walk through changing a game which looks like this: Into this: For those who haven't visited my site before, I write game design articles and updates on my own development process about once a month, and have been doing so for about a year now. I hope my thoughts and experiences are valuable to you, but mostly I would love to become more connected to the community. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you around! -Ryan
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