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Using Typescript Sources

Marco Lebdech

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is there any technique to use Typescript babylon.js sources in testing environment of application? I need to do some additions and changes to engine ( usecase specific ). My app is written in Typescript and i would like to "import" babylon.ts sources to be able to debug babylon.ts sources. Is there any solution for visual studio to use babylon.ts in my app?


I am using VS2013


Thanks for reply.

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Thanks Gwenael


Well, i tried to play those samples in project, but some error occured and babylon.js file, where the error occured, is minified. Is there something to do in order not to minify the babylon compacted file? I am not sure where minifying takes place (jskompactor.exe?), because javascript source files are not minified...


btw error is: (taken from firefox, but IE is same, but throws a context window asking for debug)

| TypeError: b is undefined                     ----------   GetFileContent:1 | // Links to minified babylon.js compacted with shaders...| TypeError: BABYLON.SceneLoader is undefined   ----------   BabylonJSDemo:59 |
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