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Panda.js is amazing!


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I just wanted to say that PandaJS is amazing. I pretty much managed to learn most of what I need, inside a few days. There are still a few little things that I'm sure I'll figure out along the way.


I know this engine is only young, but I wish that more people knew about it!


I'm currently making a game using Panda and as soon as I have a little spare time, I'm going to start posting some tutorials to help any newcomers and hopefully attract some more people this way.


I see that this board is still really quiet so I'm hoping that over the next few months it will grow by a few people.


I absolutely love this engine and I wanted to say thanks for the awesome work!

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@pinoygamekeek in Panda.js you can use scenes (which are like states) to switch between levels.


I also like Phaser and I think Rich (the guy who made it) is an awesome dude for setting up this community, which gives other frameworks a chance as well.


I've played with both both engines, but Panda suit me a lot more (nothing agains Phaser, just a personal preference). I find it easier to get into and the scenes to be easier to setup.


Panda also has an awesome retina/hires feature to include @2x images for high res devices.


I'll be posting a tutorial on how to setup scenes for a simple game very soon :)

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