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how much money do you expect to earn from a game


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hey everyone,


i know some of you will now thinking something like "wtf there are so many different facts for each game"


but since we make some small games we can easily create a simple scenario:

- a simple and nice game mechanic (match3, tower defense, something unique etc.)

- simple but nice graphics (nice means it matches the game theme and is nothing to poor)

- one touch control


what im interested in is:

- how much do you expect to earn on given expierence?

- how many publisher do you think you can actually sell too? given on the fact that on the sponsor list are a bunch of suspect or inactive publishers

- which other distribution ways you take to earn money?



since i havent that much expierence yet and im a bit lazy currently due to the damn hot pre-summer here, so i will take my time to finish my current project

but gathering as much information as possible might be a good idea in the meanwhile and im sure this could also be valuable for everyone else


when im finished i think of wrapping the stuff for iphone and maybe android and try to get some small amount of money out of it. another thing might be konregate or similar portals. i also wonder if it will do any good if i submit it to these sites that connect devs with publishers.


thanks sharing any information or guidelines

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I think that's a sensible question to ask actually, but it's a nightmare to answer. I mean I still make approx. 300 EUR per month, per game, just from Boostermedia ads - and I've been doing this for a long time now, and it doesn't look like it will stop soon :) So it's a really difficult thing to answer. I would say if you expect maybe 4 site-locks sales at between $500 - $1000 each (depends on game quality) that is reasonable and then of course make sure the game is good enough for Booster and you should do pretty well from that too over time. My most popular game I've sold to over 15 portals now but honestly it was hard work chasing them all for money, etc, so now I just focus on the ones I can trust and know pay well (plus also I've been doing nothing but contract work for clients for the past year really).

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Have you tried it on a low-end device to see what they are complaining about? There might be other things you could try first before chopping the resolution, but it will definitely help yes. The less pixels you have to draw on the canvas, the faster it is.

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thank you that helps alot :)


i was thinking about outsourcing my graphic assets cause even when my graphics dont look that bad its really time consuming for me

my budget for that is really tight so i wouldnt do this if it would be to risky but seems it will work ;)



I tend to only sell to a few publishers that I like and who are good to work with. Not worth the effort wasting time on the bad ones.


yeah i know what you mean, if it takes to much time and in the most bad case dont even get paid for the effort you waste valuable working time



It's not so hard to sell the game, it's just hard to find interested sites! We're dealing with a niche market, which makes it tough.


yeah makes sense but i hope you find some more publisher who are interested in your game :)

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