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.babylon file size


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Enoray, you have to get into the habit of thinking "lowpoly/game" - not "highpoly/still render".


So with that in mind a few basic tips:


1. Be careful using blender modifiers, not just the Subdivision Surface. also Multi-Res and Array modifiers and modeling by extruding surfaces along curves.

2. If you are using rigs/armatures use the minimum number of bones you need - if finger movement is not important don't put 3 bones in every finger. (I use a human rig with 23 bones)

3. Be careful with the number of keyframes in animations.

4. If you want to create nice normal, AO maps etc, have a highpoly version and a lowpoly version - bake maps from hi->low. Delete the hipoly after you have the maps.

5 After you have built a model(s) check for duplicate vertices, hidden faces or faces that will not be visible in your final scene


If, for whatever reason, you only have a high polymodel, then consider learning the techniques of "Retopology" or "Polygon Reduction/Decimation". For the latter I would use a free program called "MeshLab" which has more options than Blender's built in Decimator.


Using MeshLab


Make "lowpoly thinking" you natural workflow.


cheers, gryff :)

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Thanks for your tips! Im new in this 3D things. But i'll try to remind your tips. I try to create my working room and i think if i got it below 10MB its perfect ;)


Is there a way to export elastic things like wires?


MeshLab looks realy nice i'll give it a try later when i have finished my scene :)

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