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TilingSprite resize


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I think he means the viewport of the TilingSprite.

The only way i found to do it, is to remove the sprite from stage, change width/height and add it to the stage again.



var sprite = new PIXI.TilingSprite(texture, 100, 100);stage.addChild(sprite);...stage.removeChild(sprite);sprite.width = 200;stage.addChild(sprite);
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The proper way to change the viewport size of a PIXI viewport is to call the resize function of the renderer:


renderer.resize(width, height);


That will properly update the canvas size, and perform the necessary calculations. You should not be resizing the canvas on your own (especially if you are using WebGL).


For more information, see the implementation of resize for the CanvasRenderer and the WebGLRenderer.

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