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I sell an html5 game license against a GameMakerHtml license


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So you want to sell your game to a sponsor, but instead of the normal money payment you want them to purchase a HTML5 developers licence for Game Maker Studio and send it to you because you have no way to receive the money. My suggestion would be to set up a Paypal account or get your parents/guardian to set one up. If for some reason you can't, you could ask them to send it via bank wire. Unfortunately, I don't think many sponsors will go to that much hassle, so I'd see about getting the Paypal account/Bank wire.  ;)

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IMO no sponsor will take you seriously. Go, get a summer job for 3-4 days and pay for GM license. Or post this to GM forum and ask for intership in exchange for GM license.


Also - your game is really simple, I cant think of sponsor that would like to pay for that game. Take time and spend 1 more month learning basics. You have an idea of gaming, but you are rushing to it to fast and trying to get through wrong doors.

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I have found a way i will register to payonner it is supported to paypal anyway thank's for all your advises  :)


I'll take a guess here and assume from your name that you are Arabic and/or live in a middle east country where you can't use paypal to recieve money, but you want the payoneer card to make an American paypal account?


I'd say why all the hassles? I live in Egypt and bank wire transfers works totally fine for me , also when you need to pay someone paypal also works.


[EDIT]: oh and I also want to state that your game , as it is , is pretty incomplete. The market has changed much , most likely no sponsors will be ever in it without a few more additions.

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