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Game Portal Question


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Good day to all


I'm planning to build a game portal like armorgames.com and kongregate.com but for html5 games only, i have notice in the given websites (armorgames.com and kongregate.com) that they do not upload there html5 games in there website, they just ask for the link and then show the game in an iframe.


My question is, can i really upload a html5 game using php? is it practical to upload the those games at my website and not use the method being implemented by kongregate? do it have more benefit than problem?


Sorry for the question.


Thank you in advance. God bless


Cheers! Aldrin  

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Despite how rude it sounds, I can see the logic to that -- and sometimes you need a reality check.


As to answer the question, I personally think if you do implement an upload feature, either users can upload each files separately or zip it, in the end you'll still render the game via iframe because the 'whole package' includes the html + js file. It's not as portable as a single .swf. You could try the route of loading the html + js files dynamically on a page, but I fear it will add complexity and will not be as portable as loading it on an iframe.

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It isn't like you have to be a web technology guru to do what magnothoer wants to do. Yes, there are some technical things you need to know, but it's knowledge that can be gathered in a short time by anyone. The one thing you need, is A LOT of money. If you have that, you'll be alright.


To answer the original question - getting a link is a lot more practical. The drawback is that the link may stop working at some point, and that'd be beyond your control. Should that happen, you could always remove the link - if you're prepared to do that, go with that approach, it's much simpler.


Otherwise it gets quite a bit more complicated, and not just because there would be multiple files to upload. Some games are multiplayer, and not all of them will be using the same server-side tech (some may be php, some node.js, etc). Some may run into problems, some may be leaking memory on your server, and so on. If you want to do it that way, you need a tech team to monitor all your server side stuff continuosly.

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