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We won a prize on SPJam using Phaser <3


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Me and my team participated in the SPJam 2014 (biggest one in my city but they tend to be small in Brazil) and we won the only non-unity prize!
Needless to say, I was beyond happy. <3


The theme was "contrast" and so we made a casual stealth plataformer.

You can see the (rather buggy) game Jam Leon - We had far less than 48 hours, closer to 24 hours total of actual production time.

The judges liked the team and liked where the game was going.


My personal thanks to Richard and everyone who contributes to Phaser, it is a really great framework <3



PS: I wrote a few tips that I think might be helpful for surviving game jams, they are in my blog at: http://invrse.co/surviving-a-game-jam/

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