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Found 20 results

  1. end3r

    js13kGames 2020

    To keep the tradition going, I'm posting a new topic for the upcoming js13kGames 2020 - online competition for HTML5 game developers, where the fun part is the size limit set to 13 kilobytes. It runs yearly since 2012. We'll have the ninth edition on the exact same dates as usual - between August 13th and September 13th. There will be many cool prizes to be won. Reference topics from previous years: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. Follow the competition on Twitter and/or Facebook.
  2. Alakajam! is a happy little community aiming at hosting regular game jams & other gamedev-related events. We're hosting a main competition on the September 20-22 week-end, with the goal for all entrants to finish a game in 48 hours, either solo or as a team 😀 Schedule overview Theme submissions start on Sep. 6th (2 weeks early), while the two weeks after the jam will be used to let people play each other's games, exchange feedback and ratings. We have a karma system in place making sure that the more feedback you give, the more visible your game is to get feedback in exchange! Previous events Check the Events page for a look at the past jams we held. Other than the typical 48 hour jams, we host other events like gaming tournaments where we compete on jam games 🤠 Getting in the loop If you're interested, you can follow the event on Twitter and/or directly join us on our Discord channel. And of course make sure to register to the website so you can start submitting themes, why not post to introduce yourself... and eventually post your game. We hope to see you around!
  3. end3r

    js13kGames 2019

    Another year, another topic - this one's for js13kGames 2019, eighth yearly edition of the online competition for HTML5 game developers where the fun part is the size limit set to 13 kilobytes. It runs for a month between August 13th and September 13th, and we have a whole lot of cool prizes to win. Check the topics from previous years for reference: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. Follow the compo on Twitter, Facebook, and Medium to be up-to-date with what's happening.
  4. end3r

    js13kGames 2018

    It's time to start a thread for this year's js13kGames - an online competition for HTML5 game developers that runs since 2012. The fun part is the size limit set to 13 kilobytes - check the rules for details if you want to learn more. The seventh edition start as usual, on August 13th, and end a month later, on September 13th. Check the previous years' topics for reference: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. There's a whole bunch of nice judges, cool prizes, there will be free t-shirts and other swag as well. Follow the compo on Twitter and Facebook for updates as this year will introduce a few interesting changes. So, who's going to participate this time?
  5. Hi Everyone, We are launching a Game Jam in collaboration with Steem Monsters, a Fantasy card game based on the STEEM blockchain. We are offering a prize pool worth $1000 for the First, Second and Third Place overall, and in addition a $500 prize pool for HTML5 games entered into the Game Jam that is uploaded onto our new Steemgg HTML5 Gaming Platform. Here is the original post about the Jam: and Here is the Game Jam page of our Jam: Details: Game Jam Start Date: 25th August Submission Deadline: 31st August General Rules (not finalised): 1) Any game type made with any engines is eligible to enter 2) The game must incorporate elements of the Steem Monster Universe. An introduction about Steem Monster can be found here: 3) Official Artwork and pixel arts will be provided for developers to use More details will be announced in the coming weeks Prizes: 1) A Prize Pool worth $1000 for the best three games selected by the judging panel 2) Additional Prize Pool worth $500 for best HTML5 games uploaded onto 3) Additional ways to earn prizes using steemit, such as by posting progress of an open source creation. More details can be found in the announcement page link above. More details will be announced in the coming weeks To Join: Simply head to our Game Jam page and register your interest: For more information, you can check out the links provided above, or you can join the Steemgg Discord Channel to ask questions about the Jam. We look forward to seeing your games on our platform! @stabilowl from the Steemgg Team
  6. end3r

    js13kGames 2017

    It's that time of the year again - time to start thinking about the js13kGames competition. The sixth edition will start on August 13th, 13:00 CEST and will run for a month. For those who don't know it yet: it's an online competition for HTML5 game developers where the fun part is the file size limit set to 13 kilobytes. Check the rules for details. There are always notable judges, lots of cool prizes, and free t-shirts for all entries shipped worldwide. See the forum topics from previous years for reference: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. Follow the compo profiles on Twitter and Facebook to be up to date with all the news and announcements. I'm looking for prizes and sponsors, so if you can help with either of those please get in touch! So, who's going to participate?
  7. end3r

    BLUR launch jam

    There's a new messaging platform where you can chat and play HTML5 games, and the BLUR team behind it wants to focus on helping indie devs showcase their games. The launch jam already started, and you can check the details on their website and in my blog post. You can win some prizes and got your games featured when the app launches in April to get some extra exposure.
  8. Hey All, We are a little late posting to this forum and I hope this is an appropriate section to place our post in. We have a Shoot-em-up Game Jam (of sorts) running all the way through 2015, in monthly installments, called.. #ShmupJam. So the basic idea is anyone with the skills to make a shmup, or a first time game in this genre, can participate in the monthly jam. Each month the era moves forwards in time. **updated 7th May 2015** We’ve added compilation images for waves 1-4! Wave 05 is ACTIVE! - Wave 04 Games – Wave 03 Games – Wave 02 Games – Wave 01 Games – The rules are fairly open.. it's not really a competition, just for fun. The theory was that starting with some of the earliest games would ease us (in terms of technical demands) into the Jam, and each month we would have more and more of a framework and some experience to work with. Create something retro looking, modernize a classic.. perhaps simplicity could be the key to getting in a quick submission. You don't have to submit a full game, prototypes, visualizations or simple tech demo's are perfectly acceptable. Each jam runs for a whole month, and if you miss the deadline you could still get away submitting it to the next one. You might also check out our Shmup community over on deviant art the Shmuproom, which has all kinds of inspiration on it too. So.. if you are interested, please feel free to join in. You can leave comments on this thread (let us know which framework you using) or if you can get your games onto GameJolt even better. Thanks all, -kb
  9. Bernie Sanders Game Jam January 15-17, 2016 Fimaru is back with a new game jam this weekend. With apologies, the theme is likely not for everyone. Some Details: Begins at 8PM EST on January 15th. Ends at 8PM EST on January 17th. The winning game will be picked via public votes. Fight Magic Run will match every vote from the winning game with $1 (up to $100) We will also pick our favorite game and donate $50 to Bernie Sanders in its honor. Pre-planning is fine, but don't start development until Friday at 8PM EST Working on teams is allowed More details/registration are available here: Cheers
  10. dgoemans

    Online Game Jam

    Hi all, On the weekend of 9-11 October, there's going to be a game jam focused on Html5 gaming! There will be some small prizes, and we want to turn this into a growing annual event. Anyone is welcome to participate, and we're looking forward to getting some amazing entries out of this! You can find more details here: Cheers, David Goemans
  11. Hi all! I'm here looking for people to join me in the Indies vs. Gaming jam this weekend (starting the morning of 7/17/2015 and ending the night of 7/19/2015). See here ( for more information on the game jam. If you don't know what a game jam is, it is an event where people get together (online in this case) to develop a game in a short period of time, seventy-two hours in this case, Friday through Sunday. Looking at events like Ludum Dare and the Global Game Jam can give you a better idea of what jams can be like (though this one is significantly smaller than both of those). I'm a game developer-in-training halfway through a Computer Science/Game Design degree. I regularly use a mix of languages and engines but my plan is to use Phaser for this jam. If you didn't already know, Phaser is a Javascript engine intended for 2D games (and whose main forum is on this very website). It's pretty easy to pick up if you have any programming experience whatsoever and feel like learning something new before the jam. (I learned Phaser for a jam in a couple of days, knowing pretty much nothing about JS.) It is also wonderfully simple to use for team projects. I'm not necessarily looking for any particular role. Artists who like working in 2D (or 3D, if you know how to render a 3D model to sprites) would be especially valuable, as would people who enjoy dealing with music, sound effects, or other audio-related concerns. I'd gladly team up with another programmer or three who knows Phaser or who thinks they can get a grasp on it quickly. The same goes for writers who love (or want to love) game jams. Anybody who can contribute a resource capable of being put into a game is welcome. I can design, write, and program, and dabble in pretty much everything else related to game development, so I can fill in gaps as needed. The only thing I'd really like to have is a bunch of people. I don't get much of an opportunity to work with teams bigger than two or perhaps three, so if you are looking for a group and can play nice with others, you're welcome to jam with me. That runs counter to a lot of game jam advice: anything more than a small team will probably hurt more than help in a time-constrained environment. Usually, I try to follow that advice. But game jams are also for experimenting and fun, so let's temporarily ignore the conventional wisdom and see if we can make an awesome game with a big group. I have a few ideas and tools to make working with a large remote group easier if we get a crowd. I have no specific game ideas yet, other than something with quick playthroughs and a lot of variation; I'll likely be taking the start of the jam just to relax and chat with everyone about the theme and game ideas. If what I said appeals to you, and you don't mind my tangent-filled and parentheses-heavy manner of speaking, send me a message through this site, Game Jolt, or on Twitter @cdrchdev. I'm looking forward to jamming with you! EDIT: Including myself, we now have two programmers and one artist. If anyone else (particularly any musicians, but any skillset would be welcome) is looking for a team at the last minute, or just would like to do a jam this weekend, please do contact me!
  12. Join 200 of the best engineers and designers to compete for great prizes provided by our generous partners. See technical presentations from our partners, including great open source JavaScript development tools. Hosted by the Stanford Alumni Association at the StartX Accelerator in Palo Alto. The Cardinal Game Jam is a weekend hackathon open to all. Spanning 26 hours from Nov 1-2, it is the alumni association's first ever hackathon with a focus on mobile games. Register today before space runs out! Sign-up as a team or find additional teammates at the pre-jam mixer - or participate remotely.
  13. Me and my team participated in the SPJam 2014 (biggest one in my city but they tend to be small in Brazil) and we won the only non-unity prize! Needless to say, I was beyond happy. <3 The theme was "contrast" and so we made a casual stealth plataformer. You can see the (rather buggy) game Jam Leon - We had far less than 48 hours, closer to 24 hours total of actual production time. The judges liked the team and liked where the game was going. My personal thanks to Richard and everyone who contributes to Phaser, it is a really great framework <3 PS: I wrote a few tips that I think might be helpful for surviving game jams, they are in my blog at:
  14. Hi there! To celebrate the World Cup, me and my friends will create internal game jams/challenge to create as many complete/polished football-themed HTML5 games as possible throughout the month. Although we say as many as possible, we predict it will be no more than 2 games a week to a total of 8 games by the end of World Cup Just before the World Cup starting, we finished one games called 'Goal Champion'! Updates will also be posted in this post. Check it out on our Total Football Games site. Hope you enjoy playing them! Site: Finished Games: ================================================ CLOSING Our project is finally finished now, just one week after the closing of World Cup It's really intense experience though. We might have meet obstacle in the middle, but after finishing all the games, we learned a lot. We have better understanding of Phaser, our game development workflow, and our time management/priority issue. Hopefully we can do fun project like this again in the future
  15. Hello everybody !! I know it's been a long time since GitHub Game Off II finished (November 2013) but i haven't shown you my game yet. I just put it on and that's the occasion to present it ! The rules are simple : follow the rules !... ...To be clear : when in game, follow the rules displayed on the left board and make the fewest mistakes. The originality and difficulty are that these rules change !! ("Change" was the theme of the GitHub game jam) The game is especially fun and interesting while playing the 2-player versus mode : the most responsive one to change will win !The single-player mode is here for training or personal challenge. It was the first game i made using libraries. At this time i didn't know Phaser and wanted to try CreateJS. (For information, i have changed for Phaser with my second game Save Flappy Birds and i love it ) >> The link of the game on : <<(also on my website, in french for the moment) >> And here is the source on GitHub : << Hope you have fun (try it with someone else!) and let me know your feedback
  16. So Ludum Dare came and went last weekend and the theme was 'You Only Get One'. There were a few PlayCanvas games submitted and here are the ones we've found so far: 1) Going Around, by @daredevildave (Project link)This is a point and click adventure. You only get one (game) hour to get all the things Ann needs to leave the house. It's based on video game radio show One Life Left 2) ACCELERally, by @willeastcott (Project link)A 'one button control' game where you drive a truck along a randomly generated track. You can only control the car by accelerating (using LMB, space bar or screen touch). You only get one minute to drive as far as you can! 3) Hungry Self-Eating Centipede, by @vkalpias (Project link)You only get one... body! And since you are a HUNGRY self-eating centipede, your tail wants to eat it! So you need to collect food as fast as you can in order to stay alive. This is an endless-runner, Snake type of game in which your body gets smaller and smaller over time and you have to collect power ups to grow it back up for as long as you can. 4) Charitable Donation, by @LizzipFish (Project link)In this game you only have one coin/ball, you must use it to save as many people as possible. The game is based on a charity coin cascade, but it seems to be magical (or broken). Depending on where the coin lands, you might save people, or get more coins. Keep going until you run out of coins and save as many people as possible. In game, choose one of the top four slots to drop the ball through, then click 'DROP THE BALL!' to drop it. 5) The Bridge, by @yngar (Project link)You only get one enemy. These two rectangles hate each other. Knock the other off the bridge to win. This game is 2 player only. Player 1 uses A and D to move left and right, W and S to spin, and G to jump. Player 2 uses the arrow keys to move and spin, and space to jump. Enjoy!
  17. Hey everyone! I have finished my first game in Phaser. I have participated in Game Development at Stack Exchange 1st Game Jam. I picked Phaser and it was a really good choice for the game I had in mind. I had the prototype done in about 8 hours with very little prior Javascript experience. Game Jam is linked above and I believe at least one other person is using Phaser. The Game Jam ends tomorrow, but I don't have time to deal with all the remaining issues. More information including the sources are on the game page and a short story here. There's a list of known issues on the page and in README, if you feel like going throught the codes.
  18. Hi everyone, The FightMagicRun game jam for this weekend has a theme of... drumroll... "2 Player" As always, there is a $100 prize for the winner, and games are judged on their TACO (theme, ambition, completeness, and originality). It starts now and runs for 48 hours. To register or submit a game, head over this way: Hope to see you there!
  19. This week is FightMagicRun's 5th 48 hour game competition. It ends 2 days from now. And the theme for this week is... LAVA! Good luck everyone!
  20. Hi, I thought I'd come and share my first ever HTML5 game, which I made for the Ludum Dare 48 hour game jam. I embraced the theme (Minimalism) by creating a simple single button game for one or two players. I haven't tested extensively on browsers/devices but runs great in Chrome on my desktop and on my iPad and iPhone. Let me know how it works for you and what you run it on.