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What do you prefer - (e)books or video tutorials?


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Hi folks,


I've been thinking about creating some nice video tutorials on HTML5 game development with Phaser and just wanted to ask you guys which medium you generally prefer when trying to learn new aspects of (game) development? (e)books or video tutorials? I for one prefer video tutorials but especially when it comes to programming stuff people also tend to prefer written material. I've been creating professional/commercial video tutorial-DVDs for Photoshop in the past and also some for Blender for example. (See my little youtube channel "BlenderPlaza"): http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmJYLX2j_DOKtGHG00tqdzQ/videos


As I'm also doing voice overs now and then and have a trained voice people seem to like my voice quite a bit (just read the comments on my youtube videos...) and I really like doing video tuts. My first idea was doing an in-depth tutorial for tilemaps with Tiled and using them in phaser games. Would anybody be interested in that (especially beginners?)


thanks a lot for your feedback!



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I've recently started learning gamedev with Phaser and I would really appreciate new tutorials. Especially about more "intermediate" topics like tilemaps. I think there are enough resources around that cover the very basics (please no more Flappy Bird clones ;).


I personally prefer books because they force me to do the things they describe and I can follow them at my own pace. With videos I have to constantly pause them to take notes and try things on my own. But don't get me wrong, I would be happy with either format, whatever you feel more confortable with, the content is what really matters in the end.


Looking forward to see what you can teach us newbies.

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I prefer video tuts. 1. I love to make them. 2. you can see everything that is happening. I hate when I read a book and it says now do xyz. Then I am scratching my head going how do I do xyz. Now I have to stop the tut and google on how to do xyz. So it is nice to see everything straight through.


I do like the ability to pop to page in a guide and find my exact problem as opposed to scrolling through a video. Overall I prefer videos though.

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