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Found 13 results

  1. Here's a free book for interested in getting started with modern JavaScript and Phaser 3. You won't need to use NPM or set up any complex build tools. If you've been hesitant or unable to use modern JavaScript because of these web development configuration and tooling hurdles then this book might be perfect for you! You'll just need Google Chrome and Visual Studio Studio. Aside from being an easier way to start using modern JavaScript, the book also goes through creating an infinite jumper game like Doodle Jump. You'll learn everything within the context of modern JavaScript best practices like splitting code into separate files and using the import/export module syntax for dependencies. You can learn more and get the book here:
  2. Here's a free book for those interested in or looking to start using TypeScript to make Phaser 3 games. It goes through 11 chapters and about 90 pages to make an Infinite Runner game like Jetpack Joyride. It is intended for those slightly more advanced than beginner. I also wrote the free Infinite Jumper in Phaser 3 with Modern JavaScript book that is geared towards beginners! TypeScript tends to help add more safety and clarity to your code by default so that you can make bigger and more complex games. We cover things including enums, basic state machine, infinite scrolling, object pools, and more! Learn more and get the book here:
  3. I found in the oficial site good books TO DOWNLOAD, but I need real books not only for Phaser but a good book to get introduced in this world of HTML5 gamedev, even without a framework. It's just to get started. I've been studying JS and I think I'm prepared to go to a framework, but I don't have a mind setted in this "gamemaker" world. 😅 So, what I need is a real book to order, about phaser or about HTML5 game development. I hope someone could understand it😂
  4. Hi, I am proud to announce I finally finished my first Phaser book: Create procedural endless runner in Phaser with TypeScript. Book is one big tutorial on creating procedurally generated endless runner from setting up project to full game with various features like spikes, in-air bonus jumps, gold to gather. Full game developed through the book can be played here: Currently, book is available at Gumroad. You can also read short blog post about it here: This book is not for absolute beginners, who are learning what is variable and how to make loop. It is for people who have some basic knowledge what is Phaser, how to make something simple with it and now want to make something “bigger”, what will be beyond simple how-to examples. All aspects of game are covered, including evergreen topic on scaling for various window sizes :
  5. Hello all, As some of you already knew it, I've been working on the a Babylon.js ebook for several months. Today, this book is finished, and I named it Learning Babylon.js. What is included in the book: - Getting started with Babylon.js (Hello world in 3D!) - Learn how to use primitives (box, spheres, torus,...), default cameras and lights - Detailed guide on materials and textures - Particles - Shadows - Collisions - Intersections - Physics engine (Oimo.js) - User inputs (keyboard/gamepad) - Animations - How to use exporters (3DSMax, Blender, Unity) - Shaders - Skeletons/bones - And more! The main goal of this book is to CREATE a whole game, chapter by chapter: start with the basics (cubes, spheres and torus), add materials, replace with custom 3D models exported from 3DSMax/Blender,... The game you will create is greatly inspired from the Super Monkey Ball serie. By the end of the book, you will have a complete game to play with, and (I hope!) enough knowledge to create your own. Sadly, I was not able to handle all Babylon.js features in this book alone (I would have spent a whole year on it, and DK is adding new features every day!), but I tried to cover as much as I can with one game. You can find some more information here :, as well as some screenshots of the book. I hope it will help you in your next Babylon.js projects. If you have any questions, remarks, I'm not far from this forum (as you know it:) )
  6. Hello everyone, I'm developing an AI-focused book for Phaser similar to this one, but a shorter (more like a Handbook, instead). However, some of the techniques and patterns that Phaser makes me use have given me the idea of probably expanding and improving these ideas and convert them into a Plug-in, or work directly on the Phaser repository in order to have a basic AI module similar to arcade physics in terms of scope (keep things really simple, yet functional and friendly to developers). Would you be interested in supporting this work via IndieGoGo? If so, would you rather have the book, the component, both? I was thinking in working on the Phaser AI module as a stretch goal from the book, so later the whole community can benefit from it. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  7. Bonjour, J'ai terminer d’écrire et de corriger mon petit livre "gratuit" sur openClassrooms qui est en Français. Il est complet et traite le plus de chose possible en détaille. N’hésitez pas à ajouter des commentaire en pied de page sur le sommaire du livre. Je peut à tout moment faire évoluer le livre avec les nouvelles versions de Babylon Je vous souhaite une bonne lecture Le lien: <ENG> Hello, I finish writing and correcting my little book 'Free' on openClassrooms who is in French (You can try to translate it with Google). It is complete and addresses with the most possible thing in detail. Feel free to add comments in the footer page on the summary of the book. I may at any time to evolve the book with the new versions of Babylon I wish you a good reading Also english version in pdf: </ENG>
  8. The link Description What Is The Most Terrible Cover is an HTML5 one-button puzzle/skill game where your goal is to go through 10 rounds guessing which of two book covers is more terrible regarding the upvotes (karma) from the TerribleCover subreddit. For each correct choice you are scoring a number of points proportionally to the remaining time for playing that round. Be aware that each wrong choice will be scored with negative penalty points! This game is mobile friendly so you can play it either on your desktop or mobile browser. Screenshots Source code The game is made in HTML5 using Phaser framework. If you are interested how it is done you can read these tutorials and find there free source code of the prototypes: Part 1: How to create an HTML5 Reddit's Image Scraper using Phaser Part 2: How to create an HTML5 game in Phaser using image data scraped from Reddit JSON
  9. Hello. I searched some of the project templates in Phaser Gituhub but it seems the assets/images are not available for download. Can you please suggest me some link where can I find free to use finished Phaser game that I can convert into Cordova/Android mobile game just for testing purposes? I already started something with cordova and managed to deploy emulator and working environment. But when I run my game I just see the background color of index.html file. I assume the game is out of viewport so I kind of need help to understand what is going on. Also what docs/books can you refer me when speaking about Cordova/Phaser? There is nothing in the phaser docs.
  10. Hi all, My geeky publisher in San Francisco has just published a new book called Build an HTML5 Game. I thought some of you might like to check it out. I'd love to hear your feedback too! In this developer's guide, author Karl Bunyan shows readers how to create browser-based games by walking them through a full-length, in-depth tutorial on building a classic favorite, the bubble shooter. By focusing on HTML5 as a game building platform together with CSS3, JavaScript, and Canvas, developers learn how to craft game mechanics, add animation and sound, optimize games to improve performance, and more. We're also looking for reviewers. If this interests you, drop me a line at Please include details of where your review would be posted. Cheers, Marlon
  11. Greetings folks. I'm putting together a little book(let)/eBook about getting into video game development as part of a college project. It will be aimed at those unsure about what game development is all about and where to get started. The likes of school leavers wondering what to do next, those wanting a career change, hobbyists and those who don't have access to video game specific education. Basically, if you already consider yourself a game developer, this is going to be the book that you will wish you had when you were a kid. The book is not going to be a monotonous grind through wall after wall of text like I see in every other book that tries to explain this topic. I find those very dull and can be a chore to read through, and I believe they do not really reflect the creativity and fun of game development. There is a book that I love called HTML & CSS, Jon Ducket, that is amazing in how it presents information to the reader in an interesting and easily digestible way, that I will be drawing a lot of inspiration from. If you haven't read it, it's definitely worth a look. I don't proclaim to be an authority on anything, and am looking for input and contributions from more experienced practitioners. Things like: Valuable lessons that you have learned that you think anyone wanting to get into game development should know.Challenges you have had to overcomeThings that you wish you knewWhat expectations to have. How does the reality compare to what you imagined?I understand that a lot of this has been asked a hundred times before, so if you know of any existing articles or posts that stand out to you, let me know. Don't be afraid that something might sound stupid or obvious or condescending. To someone who knows very little, anything you say could mean a lot. Anyone is welcome to pitch in. I'm looking for input from seasoned veterans, indie start-ups, '9 to 5'ers, freelancers, anyone with something valuable to share. Please keep the target audience in mind with your replies. Think about what they would want to find. Sources and examples will be much appreciated as this will help me when checking/validating any info before I add it. PLEASE critique anything. I'm quite thick-skinned when it comes to taking feedback, so pile it on however you feel appropriate. I will be selecting what I believe to be the most relevant pieces of info to add to the book, so not everything that gets posted here will be included. I intend for this to be a quick read, finish-able in maybe a few days of casual flicking through. It is meant to be an overview and introduction. Many other books cover specifics should a reader develop an interest. Know of some exceptional resources for learning about more specific topics that I could direct readers to? Let me know. The book will likely be made public domain for anyone to use however they please as I do not plan on commercializing it. Early versions will be made viewable as soon as I can for feedback. Thanks in advance for any responses.
  12. Hi folks, I've been thinking about creating some nice video tutorials on HTML5 game development with Phaser and just wanted to ask you guys which medium you generally prefer when trying to learn new aspects of (game) development? (e)books or video tutorials? I for one prefer video tutorials but especially when it comes to programming stuff people also tend to prefer written material. I've been creating professional/commercial video tutorial-DVDs for Photoshop in the past and also some for Blender for example. (See my little youtube channel "BlenderPlaza"): As I'm also doing voice overs now and then and have a trained voice people seem to like my voice quite a bit (just read the comments on my youtube videos...) and I really like doing video tuts. My first idea was doing an in-depth tutorial for tilemaps with Tiled and using them in phaser games. Would anybody be interested in that (especially beginners?) thanks a lot for your feedback! Marco
  13. The book I co-authored with a whole bunch of awesome developers is out there in the wild already. The HTML5 Game Development Insights book from Apress is available at Amazon. There's a good range of topics from great devs, mine is about the Gamepad API - the demo game is built with Phaser. I'm so excited about it, it's my first printed book. It doesn't even matter that I'm just one of the 20 authors ;]