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Where is the error? (update function)


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Hello guys, I'm trying to get this code working:

game.module(    'game.main').require(    'engine.core').body(function() {	game.addAsset('box.png');  eNemies = game.Class.extend({       init: function(vel, px){	       this.containerEnemies = new game.Container();	        this.containerEnemies.addTo(game.scene.stage);	        	        this.sprite = new game.Sprite('box.png',px,500,{anchor: { x: 0.5, y: 0.5 }});	        this.sprite.interactive=true;			this.sprite.addTo(this.containerEnemies);									this.sprite.touchstart = this.sprite.click = function(){				this.remove();			}       },              update: function(){        if(game.system.paused != true){	   speedRandom = Math.floor(Math.random() * 280) + 100;           this.sprite.position.y -= speedRandom * game.system.delta;        }       },              remove: function(){	      game.scene.removeObject(this);       }        });game.createScene('Main', {	    backgroundColor: 0x44cce2,			    init: function() {	        eNemiesArray = [];	        i = 0;	        	        createEnemies = function(){	          posXrandom = Math.floor(Math.random() * 500) + 1;		      this.eNemiesArray[i]=new eNemies(120,posXrandom);		      i++;		      setTimeout("createEnemies();", 250); 	        }	        	        createEnemies();	        	    }, 	});

Enemies creation is working, enemies onTouch event also, but the update function, to move every enemies seems to not work, can you help me to understand what's wrong?


Thank you

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I have made some changes to your code, with comments. Hope this helps you:

game.module(    'game.main')// No need to require engine.core from game.main.body(function() {    game.addAsset('box.png');// Use createClass to place your classes inside game namespacegame.createClass('eNemies', {    init: function(vel, px){        this.sprite = new game.Sprite('box.png', px, 500, {            anchor: { x: 0.5, y: 0.5 }        });        this.sprite.interactive = true;        this.sprite.touchstart = this.sprite.click = this.remove.bind(this);        this.sprite.addTo(game.scene.containerEnemies);        // Use addObject, to get update function called every frame        game.scene.addObject(this);    },    remove: function() {        this.sprite.remove();        game.scene.removeObject(this);    },    update: function() {        // Is this what you want? Now your speed is changing every frame?        var speedRandom = Math.floor(Math.random() * 280) + 100;        this.sprite.position.y -= speedRandom * game.system.delta;    } });game.createScene('Main', {    backgroundColor: 0x44cce2,    eNemiesArray: [],    init: function() {        // If you want to put your enemies into own container, create it here        this.containerEnemies = new game.Container();        this.containerEnemies.addTo(this.stage);        this.createEnemies();    },    createEnemies: function() {        var posXrandom = Math.floor(Math.random() * 500) + 1;        this.eNemiesArray.push(new game.eNemies(120, posXrandom));        // Instead of setTimeout, use addTimer, because that is controlled by game engine        this.addTimer(250, this.createEnemies.bind(this));    }});});
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Hello again guys :D Can you help me in order to understand why this code:

this.spriteAnimation = new game.Animation("test_01.png", "test_02.png", "test_03.png", "test_04.png");this.spriteAnimation.position.set(this.position.x, this.position.y);this.spriteAnimation.anchor.set(0.5, 0.5);this.spriteAnimation.scale.set(0.8, 0.8);this.spriteAnimation.animationSpeed = 0.1;this.spriteAnimation.loop = false;this.spriteAnimation.play();game.scene.stage.addChild(this.spriteAnimation);spriteAnimation.onComplete(function() { this.spriteAnimation.remove(); game.scene.removeObject(this); });

This code works well, an animation will spawn on "this.position.x, this.position.y", but the onComplete function give me this browser error:

ReferenceError: Can't find variable: spriteAnimation

So I tried to edit the onComplete function:

this.spriteAnimation.onComplete(function() { game.scene.stage.removeChild(this); });

The error changed to:

TypeError: null is not a function (evaluating 'this.spriteAnimation.onComplete')

Thank you in advance ^^

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I'll try to explain it to you with this example:

game.createClass('MySprite', {    init: function() {        this.anim = new game.Animation('anim1.png', 'anim2.png');        this.anim.play();        this.anim.onComplete(function() {            // You are now inside new function            // so "this" is not referring to your class like above            this.anim.remove();        });        // Instead, bind onComplete into new function inside your class        this.anim.onComplete(this.removeSprite.bind(this));    },    removeSprite: function() {        // Now this works!        this.anim.remove();    }});

Hope this helps you :)

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Well, this seems to work:

var startPoint;       var endPoint;       var prova = new game.Sprite('brush.png');       prova.anchor.set(0.0,0.0);        prova.position.set(0, 0);        prova.addTo(game.scene.backgroundContainer);        prova.interactive=true;       prova.touchstart = function (touchData) {           console.log('asdasd');           startPoint = touchData.getLocalPosition(this.parent);       }        prova.touchend = function (touchData) {           endPoint = touchData.getLocalPosition(this.parent);           var xDistanceChecker = Math.abs(startPoint.x - endPoint.x);           var yDistanceChecker = Math.abs(startPoint.y - endPoint.y);           if (xDistanceChecker > 40 || yDistanceChecker > 40) {               if (xDistanceChecker > yDistanceChecker) {                   if (endPoint.x < startPoint.x)                       console.log("swap left");                   else                       console.log("swap right");               }               else {                   if (endPoint.y < startPoint.y)                       console.log("swap up");                   else                       console.log("swap down");               }           }       }

is there a better way?

Is there a way to add a "platform" between startPoint and endPoint?

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Maybe I'm wrong but I can create the sprite with x: startPoint.x and y: startPoing.y and than add an angle usingi:

angleInDegrees = Math.atan(yDistanceChecker / xDistanceChecker) * 180 / Math.PI;angleInDegrees = parseInt(angleInDegrees);

This method could work, I think.. but the created platform is not long as the distance between startPoint and endPoint. Any suggestion?
Uhm into the documentation I didn't see anything about sprite angle, am I wrong?
this is what I'm trying to reach:
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