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Pixel artist looking for job (for free)


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Have you considered making free art and posting it on opengameart.org?    Since you are considering free work, this path may have benefits over doing free work for an individual developer or team.   Working for others can be frustrating, since a lot of projects take a long time and often never make it to completion.    If you go the route of releasing free artwork and your work has a consistent theme & style you may find a lot of different game programmers using it in their projects.    If they want more expansions it could potentially also lead to some work for hire, or at least to forming relationships with different developers and getting your work visibly used.


I've been considering using some free artwork so that I could work on some fun side projects from my bigger projects on my own, meaning without any dependency on an artist.   My needs may not be the same as everyone else's, but here is what I look for in free artwork:

  • I want a complete or mostly complete set, so that I don't have to spend time making too many of the missing pieces. I'm not a great artist, so missing or incomplete parts can be a deal breaker.
  • Everything should be consistent in that they feel like they belong in the same game together.
  • The layouts of the sprites in the various files should be well thought out and consistent.

A wonderful example can be found in opengameart's Liberated Pixel Cup.


One other very important criteria is the license.   For me, the Liberated Pixel Cup art isn't an option because of this issue.  Since my projects are mostly closed source I don't consider CC-BY-SA or GPL licenses.   The problem with these licenses is that derivative works must be under the same license, and the definition of what a derivative work is can be very tricky.   LGPL licenses can be alright since I have no problem contributing any changes to the artwork back, but it is a complicated license and not ideal for artwork.   My preference is CC-BY which has the restriction that credit must be given.   If I use artwork I'm happy to credit the author, link their site, etc.  CC0 (public domain) is great from the developer standpoint, but it doesn't require any credit to be given, which may not be ideal if you are trying to build a name for yourself.   On the other hand, CC0 is a very attractive license from a business perspective, since there are no limitations or requirements, so usage could possibly be higher.


Here are some other examples of sets that I like:




    http://opengameart.org/content/lpc-skorpios-scifi-sprite-pack   (great work, but CC-BY-SA)






Anyway, I just wanted to throw out the idea of releasing free artwork instead of making artwork for free for a project as a route to consider.   Good luck with whatever project you decide to take on.

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Well, if you're interested, I'm making a sequel to this game: http://play.svenardo.com/jetmanjr/ and I'm definitely in need of a good artist to make interesting sprites. :)

Not sure if my pixel art style would be too great for this...  here is an outdated blog of my creations I made for school, I've gotten a lot better since, but this is all I have to show for now


Edit: Just made a new blog to show work: http://itzwessyg.blogspot.cz/

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