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Found 11 results

  1. Does anyone know of a tool or way to convert spriter scon format JSON into Spine format for use in Phaser (or even a way to use spriter's .scon files directly in Phaser)?
  2. Hi, Been trying to get Spriter Pro collision boxes to work in Phaser - has anyone had any luck in getting this to work? I'm close...but not quite there... This is using this plugin by the way:
  3. Hi, We're having a nightmare trying to incorporate Spriter into our project. It seems that the Spriter library doesn't like sprites living in subfolders within the project. So, as a test, we placed some frames in the project root folder, and made an animation from them ( Here we get: Cannot set frameName: ...with each animation frame displayed. Nothing animates. However, if I change line 3575 in spriter.js to this: this._sprite.frameName = + '.png'; by adding the "+ '.png' " part, it works. ( If we try the modified library with a project containing frames within folders, we get the same problem. I think it stems from Spriter incorporating the folder path into the frame name, but referencing it using only the filename. Obviously, placing hundreds if not thousands of sprite animation frames in the root folder isn't helpful, and will take many days to re-animate everything. Any help is greatfully received and appreciated. Mark & Stoo
  4. How to use spriter in phaser/javascript, and how to export it?
  5. Hey, i'm currently working on my first animation with phaser + Spriter Player for Phaser + Spriter obviously. The animations work with the provided Spriter files in the example project of the player (Atlas.json, Atlas.png, TEST.json) but when i try to import my own test animation i encounter this error: (index):149 Cannot set frameName: forearm_l for all my frames in the sprite and for everone the first from the list in spriter is used instead (see image attached) Attache you can see my exported files which import fine but don't display as described. Thanks for any help in resolving this! Cheers
  6. Hi everyone, I just launch my 2d game asset store (2d sprite, GUI, platformer, etc) Not too much asset right now, but there are some freebies Visit : Here is my latest character art (Tiny army - Sam ) With 11 cool animations : Dying Firing FX Hurt Idle Jump Loop Jump Start Melee Attack Running Shooting Throwing Walking The main file contains : .AI (“Tiny Army – Sam” Illustrator File) .EPS (24 files for each vector part) .PNG Sequences (30 fps images for each animation in 3 different sizes, Large / Medium / Small) .PNG Files(For each vector parts and game objects in 3 different sizes, Large / Medium / Small) .SCML (Spriter source file used to create the animation or re-export the PNG sequences) .Unitypackage (Importable unity file, including .prefab, .controller, and for each vector parts) Features : 100% vector Customable vector part Can edit and or add the animation using spriter. Unity ready
  7. Hi, after few days of work I managed to play skeletal animations exported from Spriter tool in Phaser: For anyone who is interested I wrote article about it here: You can see working example on the page and you can also download whole MSVC 2015 project with full source there. Currently tweening between bones and sprites is only linear. Other curve types has to be implemented yet. Also features specific for Spriter Pro version are not implemented (like events, sounds, character maps, ...) Good news is, that it should work for both WebGL and Canvas. EDIT : added support for curves on timelines - currently supported is instant, linear, quadratic, cubic. And also added support for animating anchors on sprites.
  8. Hi, I updated my Spriter player for Phaser with Spriter Pro features. It is now possible to use: character maps, variables (int and float are not interpolated currently, but you can still set it in animation and read it in your code), events, sounds (sound event fired with name of sound to be played), tags, points and boxes Demo at blog: Source at GitHub:
  9. Good day! We started to create browser HTML5 game with skeletal animation and faced a problem: After analyze we chosed Spriter (as it has free version for testing with export tool). We were interested by that topic We didnt find really good engine that will help us to work with it. Did anyone work with spriter and could you please advise some useful engines? Btw we tried already Spine, with panda.js. Tried Spriter with Phaser.
  10. Hi everyone, Spriter, our 2d Animation tool for game makers has come a long way in the last few months. In fact we're finally nearing the official release of version 1.0. You can find out more about Spriter and download the free version from our website: Here's a peak at what the latest build of Spriter Pro looks like: There are several features yet to be added, including many which will focus on making work-flow faster and more flexible, but Spriter is now far enough along that it's file format is starting to be supported for many game authoring systems. For those who use Construct2 from Spriter animation files can now be easily imported and controlled. And fast progress is being made by a member of our community on a tool which can already quickly convert Spriter animation files to Unity's native 2d framework animation format. You can see Spriter animations being imported and used in Unity here: Many other authoring systems are also in the process of being supported. You can see the specific status for any particular authoring system here: Once Spriter 1.0 is officially released we'll be shifting focus to helping the developers and communities of all major authoring systems to make sure Spriter's file format is well supported as soon as possible. If you think Spriter might be of use to you, we'd love for you to join our forums and Facebook page to not only stay on top of the latest updates and build releases, but to also provide us with feedback and feature requests which we value greatly. Cheers, Mike at BrashMonkey
  11. "i haf 2 much sweg" ~god