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Panda.js benchmark


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I don't know if this could be usefull, but there is a strange issue also on iOS 8 + WebGL enabled (through Panda Config file) + Phonegap.


Multitasking is not working, returning to the app, the game will be reloaded.


Disabling the configuration, everything go back to work.

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I have done some webGL testings with chrome in the past with ImpactJS. In many testings the webGL didn't improve the speed at all. It appeared that chrome has some build in support for WebGL that interfered with my personal library.


I am not sure if this is helpful but have a look at these settings if you haven't done so already:



All my webGL problems in chrome were solved instantly after I pressed the disableWEBGL switch.

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Nope - which is why I thought it was weird.


With Bunnymark I sometimes get a small dip to 54 fps or so for a fraction of a second but it went steady at 60 fps up to 50k bunnies.

With Pandamark I get really steady performance up to 20k~, then it decreases sharply, getting 33 fps at 40k bunnies. As far as the fps dips go, I've tried this quite a few times and it is really erratic. Sometimes waiting a second or so, the fps seems to stabilize a bit. So if at 19k I got a dip to 47 and wait, it goes back to 60.

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Hi all!


First of all, thank you for this great work. really :)


Now, i've tested the new benchmarks and this is my report on my Macbook Air 1,8 GHz Intel Core i5 8 GB:

  1. http://www.goodboydigital.com/pixijs/bunnymark_v3/ drops to 47fps~ at 60000 bunnies
  2. http://www.goodboydigital.com/pixijs/bunnymark/ drops to 47fps~ at 33200 bunnies
  3. http://www.pandajs.net/pandamark/?webgl drops to 47fps~ at 18000 pandas
  4. http://www.pandajs.net/pandamark/ drops to 47fps~ at 3000 pandas

Panda is at least half of the performance than pure Pixijs on my Mba, Do you have similar results?

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