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Exporting errors


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I have been trying to export animated model but with no luck does not show up on web and log file gives error and warnings.
It is not camera nor light issue as they are added externally.

It worked before Armature was added and animation and parenting applied.

Blend (2.72) file can be gotten here: tlu.ee/~paradine/hairPerm2.blend

Any help appriciated.


Found Empty Object! (why it did not rendered)  And did not like more than 4 instances.


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They should open and close like flower petals around cortex. (Animated)


Well I looked at your file in blender - can't see any opening or closing. Not even sure what would drive it - but that is an aside


The problems you have seem to be stemming from your meshes and rig.


Here is your what I get when I export your hair4Perm file to babylon.


Hair unmodified


When I looked at the file the rig is at  x= -0.01, y = -1.69, z = -9.75

The cortex mesh is at x = -0.02, y= -0.006, z= .25 and has a scale factor of 5 and rotation about y = -1.57

The shaft mesh is at a similar position and similar scale and rotation values.


So I moved the rig and meshes to 0,0,0, set their origins to 0,0,0 and then applied the rotation and scale for the two meshes.


Here are the results for the rig with those meshes:


Cortex only


HairShaft Only


They do not undergo any translation, no flattening or twisting at the top - in fact seem to behave like they do in Blender.



I did not try anything with all those cuticles as there are 300+ and all with different scale and rotation values


Hope that helps.


cheers, gryff :)

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Cool thx.
Now I know what is the problem.
Deem I really hoped babylon will take location and origin into account.

As for cuticle animation, it is set up with babylon animation with x rotation about 0.30 rads applied in for each cuticle with loop.
But I think appling parenting on cuticle has messed up those point of origins in this file.

//On .babylon loadfor(var i = 0; i < newMeshes.length; ++i){  if (newMeshes[i].name.substr(0, 7).localeCompare("Cuticle") == 0) {     var animateCuticleOpen = new BABYLON.Animation("ani" + newMeshes[i].name, "rotation.x", 25,         BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONTYPE_FLOAT, BABYLON.Animation.ANIMATIONLOOPMODE_CONSTANT);     var keys = [{ frame: 0, value: newMeshes[i].rotation.x },        { frame: 50, value: newMeshes[i].rotation.x + 0.30 },        { frame: 100, value: newMeshes[i].rotation.x }];     animateCuticleOpen.setKeys(keys);     newMeshes[i].animations.push(animateCuticleOpen);  }}
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