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New Playground feature: Intellisense support


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Deltakosh,  sorry for the confusion, I should have been more specific in my question. Maybe we can refer the Editor as Babylonjs Sample Editor to differentiate it from the Source Code Editor in the sandbox.


I think i figured out what is wrong: the intellisense has been working all along, but I was expecting it to work on variables with no type definition, such as "this._core" in many .js files in the Editor. Well, since such variables have no type definition, how could intellisense know what type it is? So we need .ts .ts files...


Luaacro, assume you are also using the Sample Editor source code, have you created the .ts file from those .js files ?



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Is there any way, we can have intellisense for Babylon.js in Eclipse?

Will this work?


/// <reference path="path_to_babylon.max.js" />

Yes and no.  I have been using Palantir's typescript plug-in for Eclipse for over a year.  Works good.  Recently, manually translated (90+% complete) a 10,000 + line Java system with it, and could not have done it without it.  Code completion actually started meaningfully working at about 70%. 


If you are doing your own stuff, you need to have // <references in your own files of your other files, not for code completion, but so it builds things in the right order.  Fortunately, the system I translated did extensive Java include statements, so I just converted them to references.


It will not build a valid Babylon.js file since there are no // <references.  Use Gulp from the repository, if you need to do that.  If you just wish to get Babylon.JS code completion for own files, do not do it the way you described (that's the no part).  Just put babylon.d.ts file in your source directory.  You also need to install Node.JS to use this plug-in.




.....and  Netbeans ?

Not right now.  There is a long running thread about it.  Guess they are starting to work it (actually think it is AngularJS).  Good part is do not think it will require Node.js.  In process Java should be more responsive than external calls, anyway.


Did see that NetBeans 8.2 beta works with Node.js, but I got that (Gulp) working with Ant too in Eclipse, so probably not amazing. 


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