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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone! I am a newbie H5 game maker who studying the Phaser! I have lots of problem that want to ask you the current problem is , the bitmapFont function : this.load.bitmapFont("fontname","bitmapfont.png","bitmapfont.xml");//how can I get the bitmapfont.xml ? I already have a font name for the first param and the bitmap png for the second param, but the third param that is a xml file I don't have it, how can I make a xml file? help me!
  2. Hi, I am writing a simple game, which works fine, and when testing it (on a local wamp webserver) I very often reload the page in Firefox (44.0.2) to see the effect of the changes I make. That worked like a charm until I started to load a bitmapFont. Now, almost every time I reload (but not always), my sprites don't load. But if I "reload" by just typing enter in address bar, then everything loads fine. It's very strange. If I remove the bitmapFont loading, then everything gets back to normal. Other than that, everything works fine, the fonts display properly (if I don't refresh the page, that is). I don't get any errors whatsoever. It's pretty annoying tough. Any ideas how to fix this? Here is how I load my assets, just in case: (the order in which I load them doesn't seem to change anything to the issue). function preload(){ game.load.bitmapFont('desyrel', 'assets/fonts/desyrel.png', 'assets/fonts/desyrel.xml'); game.load.spritesheet('blocks','assets/blocks.png',blockSize,blockSize,nbBlockTypes+1); }
  3. Hey all, Right now, Ludei Cocoonjs doesn't load and parse XML files... Which means that we can't load bitmap font data. I am wondering if anyone else has figured out a workaround to this issue?