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Found 5 results

  1. Hey all, Right now, Ludei Cocoonjs doesn't load and parse XML files... Which means that we can't load bitmap font data. I am wondering if anyone else has figured out a workaround to this issue?
  2. Hello! Recently we released the last major version of Phaser Editor, with a lot of new stuff, like Tilemaps and Bitmap Text, but what is more exciting is the new licensing model: Freemium! So now the editor is accessible to everybody for an unlimited period of time. The free edition contains all the features, just the number of certain assets are limited (scenes: 15, tilemaps: 5, texture maps: 3), however, we think that lot of projects fit inside that bounds. We are convinced that the best for all is a model where everybody can use the editor and provide a valuable feedback, that is essential to build a better product. Take a look at the complete release notes EDITED: Recommended this introductory video from GameFromScatch: Kind Regards Arian P.S. By the way, the development of Phaser Editor v2 just started, this version is all about to support Phaser v3.
  3. Papz

    Error BitmapFont on refresh

    Hi, i need help, i get this when i refresh my game 1/2: and ofc (game.js 50) console: and in game.js line 50: this.rep_un_txt =, 0, 'pixel', this.rep_un, 100); i load 2 bitmap font in my load.js: gameState.loadState = function(game) { }; gameState.loadState.prototype ={ preload: function(){ //assets'barRep','./assets/bar_rep.png');'selecteur','./assets/selecteur.png') //fonts'pixel', './font/pixelBITM.png', './font/pixelBITM.fnt');'pixel_o', './font/pixelBITM_o.png', './font/pixelBITM_o.fnt');, this); }, start: function(){ // i use this for fix error (cheap) this.fixtext = this.add.text(-10, -10, {font: "1px pixel", fill: "#ffffff"}); this.state.start('Game'); } }; I can't found a fix or see what i m doing wrong :/ Early Thanks
  4. Hello everyone! I am a newbie H5 game maker who studying the Phaser! I have lots of problem that want to ask you the current problem is , the bitmapFont function : this.load.bitmapFont("fontname","bitmapfont.png","bitmapfont.xml");//how can I get the bitmapfont.xml ? I already have a font name for the first param and the bitmap png for the second param, but the third param that is a xml file I don't have it, how can I make a xml file? help me!
  5. Hi, I am writing a simple game, which works fine, and when testing it (on a local wamp webserver) I very often reload the page in Firefox (44.0.2) to see the effect of the changes I make. That worked like a charm until I started to load a bitmapFont. Now, almost every time I reload (but not always), my sprites don't load. But if I "reload" by just typing enter in address bar, then everything loads fine. It's very strange. If I remove the bitmapFont loading, then everything gets back to normal. Other than that, everything works fine, the fonts display properly (if I don't refresh the page, that is). I don't get any errors whatsoever. It's pretty annoying tough. Any ideas how to fix this? Here is how I load my assets, just in case: (the order in which I load them doesn't seem to change anything to the issue). function preload(){ game.load.bitmapFont('desyrel', 'assets/fonts/desyrel.png', 'assets/fonts/desyrel.xml'); game.load.spritesheet('blocks','assets/blocks.png',blockSize,blockSize,nbBlockTypes+1); }