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It looks like a good game, but this thread is getting pretty spammy, and it looks like from your account that you only post in this thread. Imagine if everyone posted to the forums every time they updated their game. Surprised this hasn't been locked yet.

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Update 8.4. New territories, durability of items and in-game store


In this update we have added new territories, durability of items and in-game store. More details about all changes, see below.

In order to join the other players, you need to buy one of the Early Access bundles on our website.

Download the new version

Improvements and fixes 0.8.4

New Territories available for research and settlement!
For weapons and tools were added durability, which will decrease during the resource mining, used in craft and construction, shots and melee hits.
After reaching zero - item will be destroyed. (Currently is not possible to repair, but perhaps it will be added later. Now we are just test it and wait for your feedback)
Items in the inventory and craft window, now have information about their durability, damage, speed and extra damage (for arrows).
In the construction menu, buildings now have information about their durability, absorbing damage and amount of container cells.
Icons of buildings with information about buildings and items is now visible even if you do not know their scroll or drawing.
Now you can use the Game Shop directly from the game. (By the way, currently active large discount on Boar mount!)
Added the ability to go back to the list of servers.
Added animation of connection to the server when the client starts.
Added animation for snares.
Fixed model of Raw Hides female jacket.
Fixed position of the sling and buckets in the hands.
Fixed the problem of disappearance of objects during rearrangements, duplication of messages in the chat, teleporting character while moving.
Fixed a bug due to which periodically occurred the possibility of multiple extraction of one resource.
Increased time of inactivity before disconnecting from the server.

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One step before the Steam. Vote for us on Greenlight! New gameplay trailer

We are planning to release Wild Terra on the Steam, using all of its convenience and functionality. But to do it - we need to win user's voting on Steam Greenlight, which will show how much the players are interested in the release of Wild Terra on Steam.

Go on the project page and vote for us! Help Wild Terra get the "Green light".

There, you'll see a new gameplay trailer, which we made especially for this!

Leave your comments and advices to other players on the page in Greenlight, help them decide on the vote, describing why they should vote for Wild Terra.

Many thanks to everyone who helped to develop the project. We hope for your support!

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Update 8.7. Search in recipes, Ferrets in the forest, fixed annoying bugs.

In this update we have fixed a large number of annoying bugs: unswitched the demolition mode, repeated gathering of resources and others. Added search through the list of recipes for crafts and building. Ferrets are now live in the woods. The full list of updates available here.

Do you want to start playing without waiting for the release of the game? Get access and play right now!

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Summer Sale of Wild Terra. Refreshing deals up to 70%

Summer discounts on all early access bundles up to 70%. Limited time only.
Buy "Wild Terra" right now at the best price!

Not sure whether to buy Wild Terra? See our updated gameplay trailer:

Purchasing an early access bundle will allow you to start playing right away, support our project and receive a reward after the game's release.The access remains FOREVER. Also you get an opportunity to get into the closed testing on Steam before other players, and the other bonuses, which depend on your bundle.

Get access to the closed Steam-version, while it is still in the development stage!


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Update 8.8. Added skill system and mechanic of improvement crafts


In this update was added the skill system. Their improvement, impact on the success rate, speed, cost, damage to the instrument and more. Already added skills: skinning, lumbering, survival, leatherworking and carpentry. All equipment received by using skills, now has a quality that affects it's characteristics. Becoming a master of his craft, you can create the best equipment!
The full list of changes and details about the skills available here

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Online version of the game became available. Now you can play directly in your browser!

We began testing the online version of the game client! Now anyone with access to the game, can play directly from a browser!
Click on this link and play:

If you do not have access, you can purchase it at a special price right now here.

At the moment, not everything works perfectly in a browser, we will test and improve the speed and stability of this version. Report any errors as detailed as possible to [email protected]

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Coming soon in the Wild Terra: Blacksmithing. Quality system of equipment. Repair
Soon, into the game will be added the new skill. blacksmithing, which serves for the manufacture of items made of metal. Now for all equipment, weapons and metal tools, will act the same quality system, which is used also in other skills.
In patch will be added a variety of items made of copper and bronze. Iron and steel items will be much more valuable.
Another important innovation - repair. Almost all items with decreasing strength can now be repaired. For repairing are using the same requirements as for creating an item, but does not need to know the recipe. The number of materials, stamina costs, tools strength and resulting experience depends on the degree of deterioration of the repaired item.
These and other changes you will see in the next update.

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Update 8.11. Blacksmithing, bronze and copper equipment, quality system and repair

The game has been updated to the version 0.8.11. Now is available Blacksmithing, which serves for the manufacture of items made of metal. Now for all equipment, weapons and metal tools, will act the same quality system, which is used also to other skills.
Added many items made of bronze and copper. Now you can repair items. More details on our forum.

Purchase access to the game at the special price


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Wild Terra site:

Coming soon in the Wild Terra: Cooking. Changes in animal behavior

Coming soon to the game will be added the new skill - Cooking. Skill will affect the ability to cook high level food, alcohol, and it's quality. Will be added spices that are used in difficult recipes. Food cooked with their use, will be much more effective to satisfy the hunger.

Will also be added a large number of new products, recipes, tools and machines for cooking: the beehive, wine press, culinary table, all kinds of dishes, cakes, sausages and more.
Meat of all predators will be merged into a single kind, and its quality is lower than the meat of herbivores.

Changes in animal behavior
Reworked behavior of animals that cause damage to the player (wild boar, wolf, bear, fox). Damage inflicted is now leading the animal into a rage, which significantly increases the the speed of his movement. Animals can no longer be hunted over fences. Predators can destroy abandoned buildings, and if the animal can not get to his abuser and ceases to pursue - his health will recover.
There were also fixes bugs with invulnerable animals, which can not be attacked.
Completed work on the introduction of leather armor, it's will appear in the next update.


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Update 8.13. Furious predators

The game has been updated to the version 0.8.13. Big changes have affected the behavior of predators. Be careful, they have become much more dangerous! More details about all innovations below.

Download the new version...
Play in your browser (Chrome and Opera)
Steam client will update automatically

Improvements and fixes 0.8.13
Injured wolf and bear now fall into a state of fury, at which chasing the player far longer and with increased speed of movement.
Now attacking animals during the movement can destroy dilapidated buildings outside dominiums, and those buildings in the disputed land for the destruction which is not required siege machinery.
Implemented health recovery of attacking animals, if the fight with them was interrupted by unbreakable obstacles, such as fences or terrain.
Check the new mechanics and inform us about the noticed changes in their work.
Added graphics for the new leather armors.
Updated outdated graphics for some of the items thrown to the ground.
Large timbered and stone structures (furnaces, warehouses, mills) can now be destroyed only by siege weapons.

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