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GeometryBuilder (core) Alpha Version

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hi All

GeometryBuilder Alpha version is Ready 

This Is Core Version We can make GeometryBuilder Template like face , Box , Sphere or ...

geometryBuilder Has 2 part for any Template

1. the Builder

2. the Creator


in part 1 we define how  we make face with vertices and make uv and define what setting we need for make a instance of this Geometry template 

and in part 2 just fill the setting (this defined in part 1) and make a mesh

simple Face

part 1

  var face = function (op) {
            // define a template builder
            var builder = function (setting /*setting of template */ , geo /*automatic generated in GB (current instance)*/) {
                /*make a face in the geo instance*/
                GB.MakeFace(geo, [setting.p1, setting .p2, setting .p3, setting .p4]
					, { faceUVMap: "0123",  // uv map draw side
				        uvStart: { u: 0., v: 0. }, 
				        uvEnd: { u: 1., v: 1. }   }); 
            return new BABYLONX.Geometry(GB.GeometryBase(op, builder ));

part 2 :

 var mesh = face({
                p1: { x: -1., y: 0.0, z: -1 },
                p2: { x: -1., y: 0., z: 1 },
                p3: { x: 1., y: 0., z: -1 },
                p4: { x: 1., y: 0.0, z: 1 }, 


some template sample :

box :

Cylinder :

Cone :

something special :) :

smooth version :

*notice : this is preview version the final version in Test and refactor level 

cheers Nasimiasl


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1 minute ago, Pryme8 said:

I wanna share my stuff I did this week with you but it's not ready yet, but I figured out a way to project UVs onto the models in bjs with visual tools.  It would prolly go great with this.

i see uv editor in  beta version -  alpha version is close to be ready with tools and  i have just simplex noise in GeometryBuilder 

i make pull request but no one accept that in Github ( @Deltakosh  please .. :D

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i think we have 2 different design may be o one stuff how we can mix that

i ask members before i start GB for cooperation but just have some advice from dear @Wingnut any way how can we mix and what members else work on this stuff? 

my working stuff in this version

import  .obj  (* import material to shaderBuilder )

make Geometry - wall - surface - tree - default shape's, - special custom geometry

svg calculate

tools for make shaderBuilder 

tools for make GB template

tools for make scene from Geometries

export scene and export  obj with material


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For sure we are going about this in two completely different ways but I have a sneaking suspicion we could both use what the other is doing.


do you have some time maybe tommrow to screen share and have a talk about some things?

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usually my estimation time is wrong  because i work part time on that so maybe my tools completed after 2 weeks and i have exactly solution for each  part  of my project i make all is in-depended for any external tools or source but more depend for mathematical  so what you need in your plan or look for parts ( i write in previous reply ) what part can help you i can talk about solution 

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EASH SPACE, huh?  GeometryBuilder editor.  hmm.  ShaderBuilder nearby on a button, too.  hmm.  :)

Interesting!  (and pretty cool).  hmm.   In this playground:  Line 57:

return new BABYLONX.Geometry(GB.GeometryBase(op, builder, op.custom));

Now... does the GPU plot that mesh geometry?  Or the CPU? 

Ridiculous question by Wingnut? GPU always does it, no matter GB or not?

I am somewhat familiar with shaders used for materials.  I don't know if GPU code can also plot geometry. 

I think it can... but... does a GPU-plotted mesh... really exist in vertexData form, too?  This is still difficult to understand.  :)  Not enough reading/experimenting by Mr. Wingnut.

It seems to me... that a shader could FAKE a mesh being in-scene, but scene.meshes stays empty.  Why would anyone DO that?  I dunno.  :) 

Just thinkin'.

Anyway, this is all cool, I like it... and it sure is powerful.  Great playgrounds, unique and fascinating.  Code looks like cross of Slovakian and RegExp.  :D

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It works to force https, but you can also use schemaless ie: var url = "//" to match page.
Really cool geometries by the way.  I can see some things I've done in blender can be done with your library!! :)

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