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[Phaser] Starship Escape

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Run through the space ship with your character and collect as many stars as you can. 
This way you can unlock all kinds of medals and achievements. 
How far will you be able to get? At the end of each attempt your EXP is added to the meter. 
Can you fully level up your character? The higher your characters level, the more damage you can sustain. 
You will need it, because the further you get the faster and more difficult these side-scrolling run and dodge levels become.


  • Easy to control
  • Various traps and terrain
  • Various medals ready to be collected



Game links:

If you are interested for HTML5 version. it's also available for non-exclusive license. Please contact me at smilesoft [at]

and here is the list of my latest HTML5 games(available for licensing): HTML5 games list


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Beautifully made. It feels really well finished.

Either I'm slow or the camera is in a real hurry :P haha, I think maybe try to keep him more central? Because the camera can't kill you or cause your death anyway, it just feels off being so far back.

Only hit 875m, but I liked the sound of getting medals! Satisfaction. Would love to see some falling blocks and that kind of thing too.

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Nice game.

Found a problem:


Got stuck in the game because I couldn't go up anymore and the camera was too close to me to go back.

A good practice is to always make the hit-boxes of spikes and damaging objects somewhat smaller than the actual sprite.

Keep it up!


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