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I have been looking over the forum and such and through various resources and decided to throw together some things for new comers and such. If you want to add to the list, just reply and I will get around to it. I will be adding more as I come across them as well.



  • [$] Must Purchase
  • [/$] Purchase but has Trial Version
  • [//$] Must Purchase if for commercial


Books, Tutorials and Videos

Full Source Games



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I could def contribute to the list if they dont have lists and I could link directly there instead. I just havent came across a resource like that off hand for phaser.

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Great initiative! 

I would add and perhaps other bootstrap projects / boilerplates / templates that watches the source and serves the compiled result.

edit: Also I think would be a great addition to the Assets sources-list.

I'll need a few days more before releasing my GridPhysics plugin btw. I promised myself not to but couldn't resist adding new features (path finding and turn based time). I just updated the online demo if anyone is curious. (who is crffty? :-))



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