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Found 19 results

  1. Here's a list of the tools I use daily for game creation, coding, animation, etc. I hope you'll find some useful info, let's begin. Art and Animation ########################################################################## Photoshop: The daddy and mommy of raster editing. I've tried lots of alternatives over the years but I always came back to it. Even though it's not a specialized tool (creating pixel art for example) I've found that it's quite flexible and it allows you to work on a variety of project types. I USE IT FOR: Text manipulation, logos, etc. GUI
  2. Hi, everyone! I am Daniel (programad) Gomes, a 37 years old Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and I want to talk to you about a project of mine. I hope this post do not go against any html5gamedevs rules, if so, please moderators, feel free to delete or move this post. I will never mean to disrespect fellow gamedevs or this community. More than a year ago, I noticed on Facebook gamedev groups a lot of people being bad to newcomers to the wonderful game development world and that really bothered me. Some thougths couldn't get out of my mind: "Why people act like that? Do we re
  3. I created a tool alongside Gammafp which could be useful for Phaser 3 users. Gammafp thought of how useful a free Atlas Packer would be for Phaser users. The tool can create atlas.json files from imported spritesheets and sprites. It was very recently developed so you could expect to run into some issues, please let us know! How to use: - You can import sprites or spritesheets depending of your resources. - You can add more sprites or spritesheets too if you missed any file or wish to combine animations. - Once the pictures are correctly displayed, you can click the save button
  4. So, what do you like to write your code in? I have been using Gedit on Linux till now, so I wish to get myself a new text editor, and maybe discover some interesting things.
  5. Today I started playing with Aseprite and they have a new command tool to export your spreadsheet to a PNG/Json wich is compatible with Phaser/Pixi so I made this Also I used Grunt to make my deploy system easier, I followed this tutorial wich explains very easy how to use Grunt. And I start wondering if there are other tools that may be usefull to develop with Phaser. So wich tools do you guys use for your Phaser games ? Other one i have used Leshy SpriteSheet Tool
  6. Joeb Rogers | AAA Gameplay/Tools Programmer I've experience in Unity, Unreal and GameMaker, as well as frameworks such as Monogame and SDL2. I'm very comfortable programming in both C++ and C#, and am also pretty comfortable in JavaScript and Lua. I'm experienced with both 2D and 3D games, so can comfortably fill a position on any team. My rates are negotiable, as are the number of hours a week I can put in, whether you're just looking for some short term contract work, or a longer term commitment. Here's a link to my not-so-up to date portfolio, that at the least sho
  7. Hello everyone, Recently i finished my first medium-sized HTML5 game - Medieval Defense Z. I came from flash background and developing for HTML5 presented with some new challenges. So i would like to share what worked and what didn't. This is more like review/tutorial type of thing, so hopefully someone will find something useful. • Goals: • 60fps. • Smooth gameplay and animations. • Quality comparable to flash games. • Tools: • Language: Haxe. Strictly typed programming language, similar to ActionScript 3.0. Compiles to all major langua
  8. Howdy Everyone! We are looking at creating a game in phaser for the first time and were leaning towards creating something in vein of "Limbo" (yes, I know that game was all 3D made to look 2D). What are good tools for exporting bone based animations to phaser for development/programming? We would be using bones on flat geo with sprites. We are BabylonJS veterans and we've used a combo of Maya and Unity3D to export animations to that platform, but Phaser I'm not sure what programs export to a Phaser friendly format. Trying to figure out the workflow for our artists. Thanks for any input! -
  9. I have been looking over the forum and such and through various resources and decided to throw together some things for new comers and such. If you want to add to the list, just reply and I will get around to it. I will be adding more as I come across them as well. Legend [$] Must Purchase [/$] Purchase but has Trial Version [//$] Must Purchase if for commercial Assets SoundImage Books, Tutorials and Videos [$] Create a procedrual endless runner [$] Create a vertical endless runner [$] Discover Phaser [$] From null to full HT
  10. I used the tool :https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/tree/master/Tools/MakeIncremental. For the cut up of the babylon file has 226mb, the working environment win7 64; memory size: 16g; visual studio 2013; I monitor the changes in memory, when the program takes up nearly 2g when stopped. I have added app.config: <runtime> <GcAllowVeryLargeObjects enabled = "true" /> </ Runtime>; But still not, how do I do. Thank you! The following is an error message: Snap to System.OutOfMemoryException HResult = -2147024882 Message = throw
  11. Hi guys, Im using Buildbox and Construct 2 to build my games... i found some constraints in Builbox because it does not allow me to do certain games like puzzle ones... Construct 2 lincese is much cheaper...(i dont have to pay 99 dollars a month). So it is worth using it? Can i do eggerland mistery game using construct 2? Or do you think there is other tools available for handling more complex games (2d games - i also have unity 3d installed). What do you think about it?
  12. Hi my HTML5 Gamedev fellows. A few months ago I started using a very interesting workflow / toolset in developing my games. Basically I use a Photoshop Generator to automatically do magic things Automatically generates spritesheets of all sprites included in the PSD Document Automatically generate bitmap fonts of the fonts I use in the PSD Document Automatically generates a JSON-File with infos on each layer (Position, Size, Frames, State, Special Properties) Everything in realtime on the fly (without the need to save) In my (custom engine) I can load the
  13. PlayCanvas added support for texture compression to the Editor today. This gives you: One-click texture compression for DXT, PVR and ETC1 At least 6 times compression of all texture data in your games Most optimal image format dynamically selected for the device running your game Check out all the info here (including a sweet demo, pictured below).
  14. Hi everyone. I have a few questions that I would like some assistance with. As I'm getting into HTML5 game development as a technical designer/artist...I know that with an online game (especially html5), having your game assets require too many server calls is undesirable. What is a comfortable/safe number of server calls? When your dealing with multiple sprite sheets, is there a way to wrap multiple sprite sheets into one file? Not one big sprite sheet. What would be best practices for this?I am concerned because of mobile and/or other countries where bandwidth is an issue. I have the ima
  15. Hi Collection with resources and tools for creating assets used in games: graphics, sounds, video, maps and others. Game Assets Thanks!
  16. Hi, I'm looking for a tool to create/edit sprite poligons. I am talking about the json file with the "shape" coordinate list, like this one: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/134359065/media/images/polygon/physics.json I am sorry I do not know the name of the file format (more specific than JSON :-) ), in fact if someone can tell me the what it is called, I should be able to find tools to work with it :-) And if there isn't one already, I should be able to make one in Phaser, right? :-) Thanks in advance Szocske
  17. Donwload new package babylon.js and get example "actions" from http://www.babylonjs.com/playground/?16# and save to local folder. Execute file index.html generate error, see screenshots. index.html
  18. Hi HTML5 Game Dev community! Having developed games both for HTML5 and for 'native mobile' using Unity, I've always been yearning for a great toolset and framework like Unity with a full-featured language like C#. For the last few months, our tiny team worked hard to make Unity HTML5-capable - a complete workflow that lets you build games for mobile & desktop web. This week, we just launched a Kickstarter Campaign to accelerate development. Take a look, we could use your support!
  19. https://github.com/meenie/8bit.js Here's the SMB theme: http://plnkr.co/edit/dv5iEPuMun0EIdmt9Y6n?p=preview Support for sine, square, triangle, and sawtooth. Great interface overall for people who think in terms of notes rather than sequences, loops and channels. It's this simple (via the github readme): var music = new EightBit(); music.setTimeSignature(4,4); music.setTempo(120); var piano = music.createInstrument(); piano.note('C4', 'quarter');piano.note('D4', 'quarter');piano.note('E4', 'quarter');piano.note('F4', 'quarter');
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