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Found 15 results

  1. I'm not understanding how to incorporate plugins... especially for matter-attractors. my config file looks like this, I'm bringing in another plugin that worked well, and had good instructions. type: Phaser.AUTO, parent: "my game", canvas: document.getElementById("game"), width: 1500, // window.innerWidth height: 1500, // window.innerHeight pixelArt: true, roundPixels: true, physics: { default: "matter", matter: { gravity: { scale: 0 }, debug: true, }, }, plugins: { scene: [ { plugin: PhaserMatterCollisionPlugin, // The plugin class key: "matterCollision", // Where to store in Scene.Systems, e.g. scene.sys.matterCollision mapping: "matterCollision", // Where to store in the Scene, e.g. scene.matterCollision }, { plugin: MatterAttractors, key: "matterAttractors", mapping: "matterAttractors", }, ], }, }; You can see I'm trying to use it there at the bottom... I'm not having any luck. I'm expecting to see them in the console when they get in by using this: this.plugins.scenePlugins I'm hoping someone call show me what needs to change. here is matter-atractor's github link
  2. I`m use in creating simple game - ES6 syntax, and I cannot add plugin to my game (phaser-plugin-game-scale). Help me and explain how to use plugin in ES6 syntax. Thanks!!
  3. Hi y'all, I'm having trouble getting the Webcam plugin running in my game for some reason. Seems like it should be simple enough judging by the example: https://phaser.io/examples/v2/misc/webcam When I start the plugin from inside my Game state, the plugin starts, my browser asks for permission to access the camera, and then I get a completely blank screen - no output from the camera. Or the output is printing somewhere that's not being added to the game. Here's my code: BasicGame.Game = function(game) {}; BasicGame.Game.prototype = { preload: function() { this.game.load.script('webcam', '/src/utils/Webcam.js'); }, create: function() { var webcam = this.game.plugins.add(Phaser.Plugin.Webcam); console.log(this.game.plugins.plugins); var bmd = this.game.make.bitmapData(600, 450); var sprite = bmd.addToWorld(); webcam.start(600, 450, bmd.context); }, update: function() { }, }; The plugin is definitely added and then started so I really don't know what the issue is! Any help is appreciated :-) Thanks, Sam
  4. This is a list of plugins I have done and going to do in no particular order. Help support me in making plugins. Dialog Manager: Dialog system that pulls scripts of dialog based on scripts. Inventory Manager: Complete inventory system that manages multiple inventories. Locale Manager: System for handling multiple locales. "Mode7": Progress, History, Wiki. My attempt at bringing more depth to Phaser.io than your run of the mill perspectives. Projectile Weapons: Various types of projectile weapons. Registry Manager: Simple registry to handle the data for a game. Handles both LocalStorage, Cookies and RESTful API. Selection Manager: Unit selection using html/css/js. To be updated. Sprite Generator: Generate sprites via a back end, as well as saving them via the Registry Plugin via Base64 and cache. Tilemap Generator: Generates a tilemap based on perlin noise. These are ones that I plan to develop later on after I get the others stripped out. Achievement Manager: TBD Battle Manager: Turnbase, or Realtime battle system that handles the flow of combat. Character Manager: Handles various styles of games: Platformer, Topdown, etc, and various types of entities PC, NPC, Vehicles, etc and provides reusable interactions: directional movement, jumping, attacking, etc. InApp Purchases Manager: TBD Notification Manager: HTML/CSS notification system. Quest Manager: TBD Save Manager: Handles saving/loading/deleting game states with using the Registry plugin. Social Media Manager: TBD
  5. I have been looking over the forum and such and through various resources and decided to throw together some things for new comers and such. If you want to add to the list, just reply and I will get around to it. I will be adding more as I come across them as well. Legend [$] Must Purchase [/$] Purchase but has Trial Version [//$] Must Purchase if for commercial Assets SoundImage Books, Tutorials and Videos [$] Create a procedrual endless runner [$] Create a vertical endless runner [$] Discover Phaser [$] From null to full HTML5 [$] Interphase [$] Mobile Development [$] Scale Manager Guide [$] Tween Manager Guide Full Source Games Phaser Games Pack #1 Plugins Arcade Slopes by hexus [$] Box2D Premium by Photonstorm Grid Physics by crffty Island JS by luckylooke Isometric Plugin by lewster32 [$] Particle Storm by Photonstorm Phaser Animator by Kody Bentley Phaser Bones by silashatfield Phaser Inspector by netcell [//$]Registry Plugin by Phreaknation [$] Virtual Joystick by Photonstorm [$] Waveforms Path Editor by Photonstorm Tools Leshy SpriteSheet Tool by Leshy Labs [$] Phaser Editor [/$] Texture Packer
  6. Hello! I am curious to know what the forum's favourite plugins are. I would also want to know why you chose that plugin, what made you use it? Thank you for your time html5gamedevs, curious to see your answers.
  7. So I'm a phaser/html5 newbie, but coming from java I've chosen to take the typescript route, and am now trying to get plugins to work, but have been having major issues, and haven't been able to find any "official" information about typescript plugin support, only a few threads here with hacky solutions that haven't worked for me. What confuses me is that there are often typescript typings along with the plugins, which would indicate that they're supposed to work with typescript. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated, and if I may suggest, should perhaps be more clearly presented in the documentation.
  8. Who else agrees? A Phaser market site like http://market.ionic.io/ Regards, Nicholls
  9. Hi, I am developer of Overlap2D, which is an open source level and ui editor. Overlap2D's main logic is to give level designer a way to composite a big non tiled map of nested things, and export that as JSON. Later a developer can use any framework/language of their choice to load, render and use that map the way they see fitting, given there is a runtime lib made for that language/framework. Check out our website and main video if it's still unclear: http://overlap2d.com/ Now to the point, originally we had a runtime for libGDX, and currently are adding a runtime fo Haxe. I am thinking next step should be Phaser. And I am happy to make a runtime for it. I am going to kickstart the process, open a repo on github, start making a skeletal half working version. And if you guys are interested in having a level editor for phaser, I hope you can also contribute a bit too to that repo, in order to make sure it is written in the "phaser" style. Overlap2D renders things like, Images, Nested Groups with layers, Sprite Animations, Spine Animations, Spriter Animations, Particle Effects, Labels, Custom shaped polygons, 9patch slices. We support adding physics data to any item as well as physics shapes. Substituting custom shaders, adding tags, custom variables and identifiers to scene items, and so on. I would be happy to bring this to phaser, and would appreciate any help (mainly questions I have) if possible. And also, please speak up if this is something you will like to use, while using phaser Best.
  10. Hi guys! I just want to share with you some plugins i made for my games (pixi.js >= 3.0.8). May be useful for someone. pixi-animationloop: To manage the requestAnimationFrame, doing the basic time operations, like delta time, total times, stop the loop when the browser's tab lost the focus, etc... pixi-keyboard: To manage keyboard events easily. pixi-timer: To create time events, clocks, etc... pixi-audio: To add audio support using the pixi resource-loader. The plugin use webaudio by default, and fallbacks to HTMLAudio when is needed. pixi-tween: To create tween animations, tween alongs paths, etc... Extra: obj-pool this plugin is not for pixi.js per se, but it's useful when we develop games for the memory management. Extra2: ES6-Webpack-Pixi-bolierplate, a start point to use pixi with ES6. I have other things in a old engine i made with pixi v2-3, and i will be move it to pixi v3-4 like plugins, for example, scene transitions, particle sys and tools, etc... -> Particle sys tool1, particle sys2 Regards!
  11. I'm still pretty new to Phaser/JS and TypeScript. I followed the Photonstorm tuts to get started with Phaser and TypeScript. And I have a few questions. First one is: How can I get the plugins: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser-plugins to work in my TypeScript environment? Do I have to re-write the files? Or can I just add them in as a reference? How? Thanks in advance!
  12. So I'm fairly new to Phaser and there are some topics I still haven't learn how to manage with TS. I saw some examples of the Isometric Plugin where Phaser plugins are loaded as follows: preload: function () { (...) // Add and enable the plug-in. game.plugins.add(new Phaser.Plugin.Isometric(game)); (...)}But reading the docs I realized that the class Phaser.Game does not contain a property "plugins". So I kept searching and I found the Phaser.PluginManager class that does have a "plugins" property but seems to take weird extra parameter. My question is: How can I create my own plugins and load them with typescript? I understand that my plugin class should extend Phaser.Plugin but I don't understand how to create an instance of the plugin in-game. Thanks for reading!
  13. Hey guys! I'm trying to make some advanced physics in my babylon project. To be more concrete: There is a brick wall and a cannon in front of it. Cannon makes a shot and when the shell collides with wall I want to shatter them. So, for the wall I have two options: Voronoi FractureBreak the wall into bricksAssume I will use second one. According to forums I should break wall mesh into group of bricks with joints and remove some of them if the force is too strong. And this is where the question appears: what is the best option to deal with it? Should I expand oimo/cannon plugin to have more control over joints and ability to add native event listeners for collisions or just use Actions with intersection trigger? For now both plugins hide their world property and just implement plugin interface. Thanks. p.s. I'm new for babylon so it will be great if you could answer more detailed!
  14. How to create particles in the pandajs with p2physics? Thanks!
  15. In my current game I am using chipmunk.js to great success, and I was hoping to take my small wrapper / physics controller I've made on top of it and making it a plugin for phaser as a way of giving back. Is this the right usage of a plugin, and where can I find some info regarding plugin creation?
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