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Help wanted!

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Hey team!

we were clearly heads down working on 3.0. Now that we successfully shipped it I would like to get the help of our wonderful community.

I would like to improve the content of our documentation.

Image result for documentation image

If you go there: you will find a list of issues related to the doc.

There are 2 kinds of issues:

  • Missing documentation: These issues are used to flag a missing tutorial / documentation / overview
  • Incomplete documentation: These issues flag articles / topics where we consider we should add more info

If you want to help, you can:

  • Create more issues to help identify what is missing / incomplete / unclear / using bad english / whatever could be wrong
  • Take one issue and fix it: My favorite one :) Pick an issue, read this small tutorial and contribute to the best doc ever made for a 3d engine :)

One of the goal of the 3.1 will be to add helpers everywhere to make common tasks even simpler. And I'm convinced that doc will be an important part of this simplification as well.


Thanks a LOT

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